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Important Checklist when Selecting VoIP Service

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service has gained popularity in recent years and for good reason. The technology allows for the streamlining of communication avenues while saving businesses and residents money in utilities.

If you are on the fence, below are three considerations to contemplate when deciding on residential or business VoIP service.

VoIP is more affordable long-term

One of the primary reasons to transition to VoIP service is cost savings. VoIP service subscriptions are often lower than traditional home and business phone services, yet offer more benefits. With this, streamlining business communication systems also leads to improved efficacy in the workplace. When comparing VoIP to traditional phone services, the former is simply more cost-effective.

VoIP service for residents is much less costly. Most VoIP providers offer home phone service around $10/month, including unlimited calls and long-distance. International calls are usually also less costly if you have family overseas. If you run a small, home-based business, most VoIP providers also offer business solutions, and the subscription costs are tax-deductible. And these benefits are expanded to larger businesses.

Businesses benefit the most from VoIP service because the technology combines almost all telecommunication venues within one technology. Most companies have a different technology platform for each communication service, such as Skype for teleconferencing, a traditional business phone system for calls and voicemail, an email service, and Excel manual data entry and sharing.

VoIP service combines these practices, however, allowing businesses to improve company-wide efficacy because all relevant data can be found in one place. This allows companies to better execute projections, track sales, and increase the bottom-line overall, in a simple way nearly impossible without great business VoIP service.

Go with a reputable company

VoIP service is different from traditional phone service in a few ways. Selecting a reputable company will make a big difference in the ease-of-use and cost-efficacy of your system.

Because the technology is internet-dependent, it is extremely important to ensure the provider you select has exceptional protocols and procedures in the event of an outage or downing of the system. Companies are expected to publish this information publicly. I implore you to research this when selecting telecommunications providers. It is important to ensure you do not pay for a phone service that is down a significant portion of the time. How can customers contact you otherwise?

With this, reputable companies also offer comprehensive technology packages not always available with smaller companies. More established companies may grant each customer access to Cloud libraries, have 24/7 customer service, larger servers to prevent outages, and more. If subscription prices are approximately the same across the board, I would go for the most client-centric company that offers the most bang for my buck.


Scalability refers to the capacity for expansion. Perhaps now you run a small organization of 5-10 people, and your VoIP provider offers sufficient technology capacities for now; but will it be able to sustain your growth? In this way, scalability is important to consider before you sign up for service, as it can save you time in the long run.

Even if you are a residential customer, this is an important consideration. Perhaps you will want to start a small business down the road and need to opt for a VoIP provider who can support you in that transition. Or, like most people now, video communication may become increasingly important when calling family and friends at a distance. It isn’t just important that you have reliable and affordable phone service, but also that you have a service provider who expands and incorporates emerging technology and trends.

For example, the Internet of Things (IoT), or the idea that every appliance and electronic device can connect to the internet for easier household and business technology management, has gained much popularity. If connectivity will be important to you, select a VoIP provider that has begun IoT research and development. This ensures your provider can continue to meet your needs as you and your business changes and grows.

Final Thoughts

There are many considerations when selecting the right home or business VoIP service for you. Overall, I recommend doing your research when shopping for companies. I also suggest really figuring out what your VoIP service can do for you, and select a company that will grow with you. Whichever provider or service you choose, it is likely to save you time and resources compared to traditional service.

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