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7 Reasons Why Switching to VoIP Will Save You

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VoIP offers businesses cheaper connectivity worldwide and offers additional features. Business traditional landline use is rapidly declining.

  1. VoIP is less expensive. VoIP telephone systems strictly operate via the Internet, which offers cheaper, easier and effective connectivity worldwide.
  2. VoIP is loaded with features. Local or Toll-Free numbers, menu, queues, and unlimited extension. Forwarding, scheduling, IVR, Call Recording, Call management, voicemail. You can add or remove features from your online account.
  3. VoIP is flexible and mobile-friendly. Moving to a new location no longer means running a whole lot of new wiring or waiting for a technician to come over and set up your phones. Your phone system just moves with you. VoIP can extend phone and fax services to all of your wired, desktop, and mobile devices, regardless of you are located or traveling at any time.
    VoIP system is designed to deal and with downtime, offering emergency routing to mobile devices. You can redirect calls to a pre-set phone number if no connectivity.
  4. Easy to manage. VoIP can be managed via a web interfaced account, allowing you to easily maintain and fine-tune your phone system.
  5. Eliminate phone wiring. An IP telephone system allows you to connect hardware IP phones directly to a standard computer network port. Software phones can be installed directly on your PC.
  6. Multiple locations in one. With multiple phone systems, there are obvious increased support costs, not to mention the increased software/hardware maintenance.
    With VoIP, each location has a connection to the “cloud”, where voice traffic is routed.
  7. More than two persons. On the phone line, only two persons can speak at a time. With VoIP, you can set up a conference call with a whole team communicating in real-time. More calls can be handled on one access line.
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