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Maple Leaf Rating

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ITalkWorld is a long distance calling telecommunications provider. The brand iTalk belongs to Connect with VoIP LTD. The company was founded in July 2005 and is HQ in Hong Kong

Per the company’s Facebook page, their mission is “international calls at less than local calls”.

Information on this company is very limited through their website. They have four websites all with different names making the process of gleaning information on iTalkWorld even more difficult.

Simply through the iTalkWorld website, everything stated thus far sums up everything we know about the company, and even some of what is listed there came from their Facebook page.

The About Us page gives no information about them. We don’t know what country they are based in. We don’t what provinces they serve. It is truly disgraceful how some of these companies run their businesses.

But the bottom line is the rates/plans and features generally do the talking as opposed to company history.

The company’s Facebook page has a contact email which points towards one of their other websites –

Upon entering that web address in our browser, we are then redirected to yet another website:

The ‘Connect With VOIP’ website states that the company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong. The About Us page also signifies that iTalkWorld is one of their brands.

It is all quite confusing but let’s see what they have to offer for the consumer.

In our review of iTalkWorld, we will look at the long-distance plans/rates that the company provides and see how it stacks up with GoneVoip recommended long distance providers.

ITalkWorld has four main talk plans: Talk Non-Stop, Chatter Box, Pay-As-You-Go, and Unlimited Calls.

The Chatter Box plan allows for calls to the following countries at 15 cents per call (with a maximum 120 minutes per call): USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia (landlines only), New Zealand (landlines only), United Kingdom (landlines only), Malaysia (landlines only). There is also a $1 monthly rental charge.

The Unlimited Worldwide Talk Plan allows you to make unlimited calls to the USA, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Also, included in this plan but only for landlines are: Thailand, Spain, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Cyprus, Belgium, Austria and Australia.

The Unlimited Plan checks in at $14.99 per month. Predictably, the plan which calls itself ‘unlimited’ actually caps off at 2000 minutes which is a fairly small amount to cap an unlimited plan at.

The Pay-As-You-Talk plan allows you to make unlimited “cheap” calls anywhere in the world with the “lowest per-month rates”. There are no monthly rentals, no setup fees, no gimmicks and no commitments. They also state any credits you have do not expire.

There is no explanation or rates on the Talk Non-Stop Plan.

In our review of iTalkWorld, we came away disappointed in the lack of information about the company and found most of their calling plans to be quite misleading and unimaginative. The website lacks information on the company and we had to explore four other websites just to find out where this company was even based at. Furthermore, the website is littered with spelling mistakes and further lack of information on their plans.  We suggest you look elsewhere and avoid this company.

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