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August 3, 2014
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Submitted by: cgeoc (toronto , ON)

Outbound calls dropped every 15 min

Pros: cheap service
Cons: cheap service; you get what you pay for... Every call I make gets dropped after 15 minutes. No customer support #, just an email address and the frustration of waiting for more than 24 hours to (maybe) get a reply. I had the issue resolved 2 times in the past 7 months but the issue came back again. Now they refuse to do anything saying that my router is not good and I should change it. Even though I told them that the adapter is connected directly to the cable modem, they still dont want to look into the issue. It looks like I have no choice but to file a complain with the Ministry of Consumer Services and move to another provider.

Reply from: Ale (gonevoip)
August 5, 2014
Thanks for the update. Note providers do tend to frequent our site and are known to act rather quickly to a complain seen here - sometimes even faster than they would normally do. If anything hope this had been of help. All the best! Ale.

Reply from: Ale (gonevoip)
August 4, 2014
If your call drops after a specific amount of time, but a long time like 100 or 120 minutes, then this could be caused from a disconnect that is intentionally set by the provider or a partner of the provider. These disconnects are set up as a precaution against open calls that may not actually be valid, rather they are calls that should have been finished but the signaling never correctly disconnected the call. Rather than have an open call for several hours or more, the provider or a carrier partner of the carrier has built in disconnects at a specific time that limit call times. This limit is actually a safe guard as it prevents indefinite billing times on calls that may not actually be a valid call. Check for these indications:

The call disconnects after a set time, typically around 120 minutes. Some wholesale carriers will automatically disconnect the call, regardless of what your provider may do.
Some providers state in their literature that calls going for x number of minutes will be disconnected.
If you notice frequent disconnects, timed specifically at an even interval such as 120 minutes, and you make calls that surpass this time limit, check with your provider. The work around is to hang up the call before the imposed limit and redial, establishing a new call, starting a fresh timer.

Other things to look is that if it happens with all numbers or just to certain destinations, it may be is just one or a set of numbers. But you are right, is hard to believe it could be the router, another factor may be an answering machine or an alarm system that is disrupting the line, but the fact is being cut a predictable interval sounds like this may be something of the provider or partner.

Reply from: cgeoc
August 4, 2014
Hi Ale,

I wish this would be the case but it was not - note that is said "was". Every single call I used to make, either local or LD was dropped after exactly 15:xx min. Log activity shows call duration of 16min (due to the rounding I expect).

I did receive an email from Axvoice early today reading "We have pushed the good configuration. Try rebooting...". Seriously?! After all the bs I was given, finally, someone decided to push the "good" config?! I rest my case...

Reply from: cgeoc
August 3, 2014
Update: check out the BBB Business Review
May 24, 2013
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Submitted by: Gervend (Hamilton , ON)

no contact phone number?

I was looking into moving with AxVoice service and asked on live chat why they charge "Regulatory Recovery Fee", because my present VOIP provider does not charge it and it is supposed to be only for cellular numbers. Marsh, the person on the other side, just blocked me after this. Then I realize they don't have a phone number where to call????
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Axvoice is based in Brooklyn, NY. Having been founded in 2005. AxVoice has a very interesting home phone alternative offer, their offer a carefree bundle; including a FREE ATA, free calling within Canada & the US, all the usual VoIP features you come to expect to pay as premium in the traditional telco ( features such as Caller ID, Voicemail & 3-Way Calling) plus some that are quite handy such as blacklisting, in where you can create a personal do-not-call list. Quite handy to get rid of telemarketers!

In Gonevoip's review of AxVoice we found that it has an App phone client for smartphones (iPhone and Android) at no extra charge and if you have your own ATA device; it is even a cheaper home phone alternative since!! You can configure with AxVoice phone service at no extra charge - they have BYOD support. A rich web interface that allows to check voicemails and configure different features such as follow-me, call forwarding and voicemail-to-email.

AxVoice also has a home phone plan with an unlimited international calling to 45 countries (spread in Europe, Latin America, India + some countries in Oceania) - why would you ever use a phone card when you can have resolved all calling needs with your VoIP Home Phone eh?

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