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Website: www.xplornet.com
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NS, ON, PEI, QC, SK, NT, NU, YK
Monthly : $59.99 CAD

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January 12, 2024
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Submitted by: Gabriel Sahlean (Howden , MA)
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Scam company

After a year with xplore I don't think can be worse internet provider in Manitoba....Canadian Customers Service 100%...not make any difference in my point of view.
Be aware with them, even after I asked them to cancel the service they sent invoice and the service was canceled 2 months later...
August 25, 2023
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Submitted by: Diane Julien (Chesterville , ON)
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Xplore is Great

Excellent services for rural consumers!
April 18, 2023
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Submitted by: Brian copeland (Courtenay , BR)
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Frustration extraordinaire

Tried to get service for an account and was transfered back and forth twice each from customer service to sales
Frustrated I asked for manager and was told one would contact me 58-72 hours.
Forget that idea
November 25, 2022
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Submitted by: Christopher Smithson (Mississippi Mills , ON)
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Over priced

I pay every month 115.82 for what is supposed to be up to 50 MBPS that at best is 35 rarely most of the time in ranges between 1.6 to 8,9 MBPS.
I constantly have problems and signing in to their Myexplore.ca is a nightmare. Never accepting my password.
This year 2022 the service has continually gone down hill.
I'm looking for another service but we all know if you don't live in a city it's going to suck.
November 18, 2022
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Submitted by: James (Hanley , SA)
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Crap service endless billing

After 2 years of putting up with a service that was down more than it was up I cancelled my plan. I reached a agreement that the service was terminated immediately with no additional charges.
They then billed me for $32 dollars. I called them and told them that I do not owe them any more money.
They keep doing robocalls day and night to collect $32.
Do not get this service. I hope they go bankrupt.
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Download: 5 MBPS

Upload: 1 MBPS

Xplornet Communications is a leading rural internet service provider (ISP) in Canada, dedicated to bridging the digital divide by providing reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to underserved rural areas. With a strong commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and community development, Xplornet has become a trusted name for those seeking fast and accessible internet solutions in rural Canada.

Company Overview

Founded in 2004, Xplornet's primary mission is to connect rural Canadians to the digital world. The company recognized the need for reliable internet access in remote and underserved regions, where traditional internet providers often faced challenges in extending their services. Xplornet's dedication to serving rural communities has driven its growth, making it one of Canada's largest rural ISPs.

Rural Internet Services

Xplornet offers a comprehensive range of internet services designed specifically for rural areas. Recognizing the unique challenges of providing internet access in remote locations, the company has developed innovative solutions to deliver fast and reliable connectivity where other ISPs cannot reach. Xplornet's internet services include fixed wireless, satellite, and LTE solutions, ensuring that each customer gets the best possible connection based on their location and requirements.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Xplornet's fixed wireless internet utilizes radio signals to deliver high-speed internet directly to a fixed antenna installed at the customer's location. This technology is particularly effective in areas where physical cable or fiber infrastructure may not be feasible. With fast speeds and low latency, Xplornet's fixed wireless service is a popular choice for many rural customers looking to stream, game, and work online with ease.

Satellite Internet

For customers in extremely remote or challenging terrains, Xplornet offers satellite internet service. This technology uses geostationary satellites to beam internet signals directly to a satellite dish installed at the customer's premises. Xplornet's satellite service ensures a reliable internet connection even in areas with limited terrestrial infrastructure, empowering rural residents with access to online education, telehealth services, and e-commerce opportunities.

LTE Internet

Xplornet's LTE (Long-Term Evolution) internet service leverages cellular network technology to provide high-speed internet in regions with 4G LTE coverage. This service is ideal for customers living in areas where cellular networks are accessible, offering a fast and reliable internet connection for various online activities. Xplornet's LTE internet is an excellent option for customers seeking a wireless solution with stable and consistent performance.

Investing in Rural Infrastructure

Xplornet is committed to continuous investment in rural infrastructure, expanding its network reach and improving internet speeds for its customers. The company's ongoing efforts to enhance and upgrade its network demonstrate its dedication to providing the best possible service to rural Canadians.

Customer Satisfaction

Xplornet places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The company's dedicated support team is available to assist customers with any inquiries or technical issues they may encounter. Xplornet's commitment to delivering exceptional customer service has garnered positive feedback from rural communities, establishing strong relationships between the company and its customers.

Community Involvement

Xplornet actively engages with the communities it serves, supporting local events, organizations, and initiatives. The company's involvement in community development projects reflects its commitment to giving back and fostering positive relationships with its customers and the broader rural community.

Continued Growth and Innovation

Over the years, Xplornet has continued to grow and innovate, striving to provide rural Canadians with the best possible internet experience. The company's dedication to using the latest technologies and expanding its network coverage demonstrates its commitment to bridging the digital divide in rural areas and empowering communities with reliable internet access.

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Beyond residential services, Xplornet offers innovative IoT solutions for businesses and organizations. With a focus on smart agriculture, Xplornet's IoT solutions help farmers and agribusinesses monitor and optimize their operations, driving efficiency and sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Xplornet Communications Reputation

Xplornet Communications is highly regarded for its dedication to connecting rural Canadians with reliable internet services. As a leading rural ISP, Xplornet's reputation stems from its innovative solutions, including fixed wireless, satellite, and LTE internet. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction, investment in rural infrastructure, and active community involvement have earned it trust and positive feedback from rural communities. Xplornet's continued growth and focus on empowering underserved regions showcase its reputation as a trusted provider, bridging the digital divide and driving connectivity in rural Canada.

In conclusion, Xplornet Communications stands as a leading rural internet service provider, dedicated to connecting rural Canadians to the digital world. Through its innovative internet services, investment in rural infrastructure, commitment to customer satisfaction, and community involvement, Xplornet continues to bridge the digital divide in underserved areas. As the company continues to grow and innovate, it remains steadfast in its mission to empower rural communities with reliable and high-speed internet access, unlocking new opportunities for education, healthcare, economic growth, and social connectivity across rural Canada.


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Hey, I just logged a very bad review of Xplornet but realized that I reference GB when I actually meant MB. Big difference. Is there any way to correct this error?

Hello sir I m from India I m a broadband employee Fiber splicing expert I have 6 year of experience I m interest in work with your company

Hello Steve, Please use the Reply/Update ... on to update the review with the correct statement. Sorry at this time individual reviews cannot yet be edited individually (but coming in the future) The GONEVOIP TEAM

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How much is your service

How much and do you service area at 330 Baseline Rd S , Tiny, On L4R0E3

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