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Fibre Direct is a Canadian telecommunications provider that offers telephone, Internet, TV, and satellite mobile phone services. The company is a division of Télévente BL Inc.

Fibre Direct has headquarters in Quebec City in the province of Quebec. Fibre Direct only offers their services throughout parts of Quebec.

As their name suggests, FibreDirect specializes in offering fiber optics directly to your home.

In the GoneVoIP review of Fibre Direct, we wanted to examine their monthly phone service for residents; however, this company does not separate their services individually but rather offers all of them at a bundled discount rate.

Immediately, we do not like that the company essentially forces the bundle as the only option for customers. We can understand inflated prices for only a single product, but just not to offer it is bizarre.

The bundled plan is advertised as the trio promotion or the perfect trio. We will give Fiber Direct that the package comes at an enticing price of $99.85 per month. For someone who is only looking for residential phone, that price is unacceptable; however, if a customer is open to or looking for these services, then the price is not too shabby. To compare, Bell Mobility offers a similar plan for $148, so the savings are substantial.

Included in this fiber optic plan are an unlimited Internet, residential phone service with unlimited Quebec calling, and television which includes 135 channels and an additional 15 bonus channels which you can select (not including premium channels). They also throw in two months of HBO free.

The entire company utilizes Bell Mobility’s base fiber optic package.

To sign up, the customer must sign a one-year contract. There are no setup fees, installation fees or additional equipment charges.

In our review of Fibre Direct, the verdict is quite simple.

If you are only seeking a residential phone service, then this is clearly not the company for you. However, if you are open to an Internet, TV, and phone bundled package – then this company has some benefits but is still far from perfect. The $99 base charge for these services is a reasonable price. Throw in that there are no additional charges for installation or equipment, and it is worth considering, especially since the same exact service is offered through Bell at $50 more per month in Quebec.

But even with that, the almost $100 monthly charge combined with a commitment for a full year makes this a dicey proposition unless you are specifically seeking out a bundled package of all three services. 

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