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Unmetered is a well-known telecommunications service provider in Canada. Their slogan is “Unmetered: The last ISP you’ll ever need”. Whether or not Unmetered lives up to this slogan is yet to be found out.

Unmetered headquarters are located at 6360 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5E1C5. Unmetered offers a variety of internet plans, television deals and VoIP Phone solutions which makes one of the many telecommunication providers in Canada to offer the “triple play” to customers.

Unmetered pride themselves on providing unrivaled customer support; being ready at any given time to listen to a customer’s pleas.  Let us now focus on their bread and better VoIP plan for residential users!

Unmetered offers a residential Home Phone plan they LifeTimeLine plan, which would get you either a new Phone number from Fongo or you could port an existing phone number from Fongo. This plan allows for unlimited local calling, as well as unlimited Canada zone calling. This plan costs a total of $100.00 if you are not porting a number. Which would be a total of $8.33 per month and comes with a substantial amount of features. If you are porting the total is $125.00, or $10.42 a month. You could get an ATA from them for $65. 

However, the pricing may look attractive at first glance though is rather abysmal for numerous reasons.

The very first reason is that this price doesn’t stand up at all against the competition; Phone Power offers a residential plan which is unlimited for the entirety of North America for only $7.40. It would unfair of us to say that Unmetered loses in the pricing department if only Phone Power was to beat them out, however many other providers such as Yak, 1-VoIP, and VoIPo all offer far better prices then Unmetered does. 

The international calling rates that Unmetered has to offer however are on point in terms of pricing. The rates to call Pakistan through Unmetered are 7 cents a minute, while with PhonePower it would cost 6.8 cents which isn’t that great of a difference. Furthermore, the international rates to call the United Kingdom using Unmetered would be 2 cents a minute which is once again on par with all of the other prominent long distance providers. 

The disappointing factors we noticed about the features that Unmetered has to offer are that firstly there are no fax capabilities that are inclusive of this plan. Furthermore using or bringing an existing number to this plan would cost a customer $25.00, while many other providers just do it for free! The good factors, however, are the voicemail to email, and compatibility with any provider across Canada.

The quality of Unmetered service is to be questioned, as it depends on Fongo and Quality of Service of Fongo is not top of the class, consider if subscriber sign up for Fongo is a free service! The pricing is just too high to justify the quality. Many providers are content charging a monthly rate below two digits, and Unmetered would need to catch up with this scheme if they hope to make Home phone Plans plans successfully!

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