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TNW Networks
TNW Networks

TNW Networks

Devices: N/A
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NF,ON, PEI, QC & SK
Monthly : $29.90 CAD

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TNW was previously known as BC Rail Telecom when it was founded in 1957. The corporate head office of TNW can be found at 3rd floor, 1550 Alberni, Vancouver, BC, Canada! It has now grown to be one of the largest Local Exchange Carriers in Canada. TNW offers a vast array of services and features that are widely available across North America. Teliphone acquired the assets of Navigata Communications 2009 Inc in December of 2012 

TNW is also the proud owner and operator of the New York Telecommunication Exchange, which happens to be the world’s first neutral international telecommunications commodity exchange. 

Having noted the success of the TNW franchise, let us now discuss their Unlimited Canada and USA plan. This plan is offered at $29.90 monthly and entails service across the entire North American continent. However, if we were to shed light on other service providers we would notice that TNW is a tad bit on the expensive side. For example, PhonePower offers a Canada/US plan which can be attainable for $19.99 a month which in terms of service, TNW’s Canada/US plan is relatively the same, however with a steeper price difference of about $10. 

The international calling rates provided by TNW are also on the more expensive side when compared to other service providers. For example, if we were to compare the calling costs to Pakistan between Localphone and TNW we would find a discrepancy of over 10 cents for mobile calling and residential calling! Localphone long-distance calling rates to Pakistan is 11.5 cents. Teliphone charges 21.9 cents (residential) and 36.9 cents (mobile) respectively.

The fax service provided by TNW is also rather interesting; fax to e-mail service which charges $9.95 per month. The fax file is first converted to an image file and sent directly the customer’s email account. This service is rather impressive if compared to Vonage’s fax line which requires an upfront $12.99 activation fee, and $12.99 per month. 250 minutes of local and long-distance outgoing faxes are given and are subsequently charged 4.9 cents per minute after that limit is reached.

TNW is not BBB accredited; however, they have received 6 complaints from various customers. Over the course of three years, all six complaints have been closed, yet only one was closed with BBB assistance. Further insight shows that of the six complaints, three were in regards to billing issues, and the remaining three had to do with service issues. This indicates that customers did not face issues with hidden charges whilst opting for TNW service. Comwave has closed 383 complaints over the case of three years which were in regard to a substantial amount of issues such as false advertising, billing, product issues, hidden fees and many more. In terms of customer service and authenticity, TNW has certainly made a name for itself.

Having gone over many of these key aspects we can deduce that while being a great service provider TNW is just too expensive with its $29.90 Canada/US plan. However, TNW manages to make up for it with customer satisfaction, some great perks and the reliability it offers!


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