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March 23, 2016
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Submitted by: Lucy Chik (Mississauga , ON)

Pricing & Service

Very disappointed with pricing & service. I pay and have paid for my parents long distance plan usage only for at least 4 years & my bill is always mixed up with theirs.

Poor service and have to keep resetting password to view billing. They refuse to send me a hard copy in the mail as I have explained to them that I am out of town 2 weeks per month & do not always get internet in certain parts of China to view and pay bill.

First year I am trying them myself for internet & home phone and locked under one year contract. After that I will go to another provider.
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$8.99 $29.99 $60

Canada: FREE
USA: $0.02
Intl. Minutes: FREE 60 Min.

World-Link Communications was established in 1995. World-Link targets it offers to different ethnic groups across Canada; this means the service department is multi-lingual. World-Link is HQ in Markham, Ontario. World-Link has many ISP in Canada has also branched into the Digital Home Phone market.

In our World-Link Review, GoneVoIP found the Digital Home Phone offers to be substantially cheaper than those of the traditional Telco companies. World-Link offers 3-plans, a starter plan (pay as you go), a Canada wide calling plan and a world calling.

The Canadian calling plan comes with all the usual features, such as caller ID, voicemail, and 3-way conference. However, lacks some of the most advanced features and there is no integration with desktop nor Smartphone. Another part to consider is that World-Link limits the usage of the Unlimited Calling to 2,000 minutes (Fair Usage Policy) which may be enough but it is less than the 3,000 minutes offered by Phone Power for example.

Shall be noted the Canada wide calling also includes an introductory of 60-minutes of free international calling - Word-Link has a list of some 30-countries in where it allows these free minutes to be used. The long-distance rates are better than those of traditional telecom, but a bit higher than those you could find for example with Localphone or Rebtel.

Regrettably, World-Link does not support BYOD, one has to get the ATA from them. If pre-pay for the year you'll waive the $60 fee. Also if porting in a number World-Link would charge you $40 and the same applies for porting out. Also, World-Link has an early termination fee, for those who pre-paid for the year so you really need to look at the fine print.

In all World-Link it is an option to consider, the Digital Home Phone Canada Wide calling does have some typical features we expect to see but there also some fees we found reading the terms of service which are to be considered. World-Link does not have tons of features, nor it supports BYOD or desktop/Smartphone apps. The top residential providers such as Phone Power or VoIP Much may also be better options to consider.

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Enhanced VoiceMail: Checkmark
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