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Devices: Android & iPhone
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NF,ON, PEI, QC & SK
Monthly : $25.95 CAD


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February 18, 2017
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Submitted by: ALex (Oakville , ON)
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Terrible Support, Outages, Internet Etc..


Blu Arc has been unresponsive to us for hte past week, after going done for an entire day! Yes, us and about 40 or so other businesses lost our service for an entire day!

We continously get "network Busy" notifications on our phone which they continously tell us will be resolved and of course continue to happen.

When asking them for information for equipment they have as we upgrade or transition ours, their tech support is non-existent and it ends ups costing our business far more in the long run as our tech needs to manually figure out the solutions to an otherwise 2 minute question.

At 7 users, we pay nearly $4000 a year, we expect far more for that price and I will strongly recommend anyone to look anywhere else, even (dare I say it) Bell....

Please for the love of all that is, do not let this company expand.
May 7, 2015
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Submitted by: Bryan Grant (Ottawa , ON)

Great Product and Service

Very good tech support department. The bluarc features and functionality were as good as everyone elses and the inclusion of the internet in our bill reduces our AP workload. It never goes down and the management cares about the customer.
March 24, 2015
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Submitted by: Scott (Ottawa , ON)

BluArc Business VoIP Solution

I've been a client of BluArc for several years and can honestly say that their service has completely revolutionized our business.

Are they the cheapest?... No, but I certainly think they are the best. Their customer service, sales, and ongoing support has been fantastic.

And, as a company that prides itself on using the best technology, BluArc was the perfect fit for us. Their mobile app (works on Apple, Android, and BlackBerry) is fantastic. Have used it on vacation in central america and was flawless. We also use their open connect solution using Bell Fiber internet and have never had an issue.

Even down to their online portalI can literally update and configure our company's entire phone system from the comfort of my iPad sitting on the couch at night while watching TV.

Would I recommend BluArc... hell yes! They say on their website that they are the #1 business phone company in Canada and I believe it.

Do yourself a favour and get their service! Like I said, its not the cheapest, but as far as features and services they are by far the best.
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bluArc is a fairly old contestant in the telecommunications industry and has certainly made its mark across North America. Having been founded in 2005 BluArc, they quickly rose up the ranks to be a top service provider for hosted business phone. They now target business owners to provide quality service with state of the art equipment and network! BlueArc’s headquarters can be found at 883 Boyd Avenue Suite 300 Ottawa, Ontario K2E 2E2 Canada. 

After having spent a fair amount on BluArc’s website we came to the conclusion that BluArc may perhaps be one of the priciest service providers across Canada. With just three extensions bluArc’s “TrueConnect” plan charges a monthly bill of $29.95 per line! This is mindboggling considering the competition out there which has plans as low as $15.00 a month! For example, RingCentral's business plan costs clients only $19.99 a month per user! BluArc’s minimum amount of extensions provided however is; three. This plan also allows you to choose from a long list of features that include fax to email, enhanced voicemail and many others free of cost!

bluArc also allows clients to choose from a wide variety of phones at their respective price. The “standard phone” provided by bluArc is free! There were no clear indications as to whether this plan included an internet subscription as well or not. Upon contacting a BluArc representative numerous times, we were told that we should be getting a call from the sales department for more information. To this day Gonevoip has not received a call in over a year now!

Another disappointing aspect of bluArc’s website is that there is no concrete online ordering. Rather booking a call with a sales representative depicted as a "Team Member" Mentioning order now to later get a call from a Salesperson is a typical tactic Gonevoip has seen to upsell. A few questions are asked, and on the basis of these answers, a large sum of money is provided to you which just happens to be your “estimated” monthly bill. 

The upside to bluArc is that it does offer proper smartphone integration and a mobile app that is available for the iOS and Android platforms. Nonetheless, this isn’t enough to excuse the fact that not enough information is provided on the website to make a solid decision!

To conclude, GoneVoIP feels that bluArc left potential customers in the dark, particularly when we tried to extrapolate more information about their services. There is somewhat a list of features, though how about a list of international calling, or perhaps a brochure that includes all of these things and more. However, nothing of the sorts.


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