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Mustang Technologies
Mustang Technologies

Mustang Technologies

Monthly Prrice:
Cable, DSL & Dry-Loop
$ 32.99 CAD

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Maple Leaf Rating

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$32.99 Shipping: $ Other: $95 No

Download: 6Mbps

Upload: 800kbps

Cap: 350GB


Mustang Technologies has been providing internet solutions in Quebec and Ontario since 1994, attributing them with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications world. Mustang Technologies has won over many customers since 1994 by providing them with quality service at excellent costs. They offer a variety of services which span from internet services, VoIP solutions, and bundles of both these services.

The headquarters of Mustang Technologies can be found at 3950 Côte-Vertu, Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec H4R 1V4. Let us now review one of Mustang Technologies flagship internet plans for residential users!

A positive attribute we noticed about Mustang Technologies is that they provide internet plans with extremely high usage caps, making them virtually unlimited. Mustang Technologies offers a residential plan which comes with up 6 Mbps of download speeds, and upload speeds of up to 800 kbps. This plan is offered with a usage cap of 350 GB and is priced at a total of $32.99 per month. This price is highly competitive and is only beaten by a very few amounts of internet service providers. Worldline offers a 6 Mbps plan with upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps, at an unlimited usage cap for $29.99. The difference of 3 dollars isn’t substantial but does exist. 

The great thing about Mustang Technologies is that it does not impose overage charges. They only suggest that a customer get an unlimited version of the plan. Upgrading to an unlimited version of the 6 Mbps plan would only cost an extra 2 dollars per month which in all honesty is a very great deal. If a customer goes above his usage cap for three months in a row, Mustang Technologies suggests them to upgrade their plan. 

Installation fees are also very economical considering that in many cases the installation fees for the service can be avoided. If a customer already had a previous DSL connection, they would not have to pay the installation fees. However, if a customer is switching from cable to DSL a fee of $95 would apply. The installation fees for the dry loop are $35 dollars, and the monthly rate it can be acquired at is $9.10!

All in all Mustang Technologies provides an internet plan which is both economical and easy to obtain without suffering from activation fees. The pricing can be lowered just a bit to be more competitive, but the current pricing isn’t all that terrible either!

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