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Website: www.wisponline.ca
Services: DSL
Availability: Rural Ontario
Monthly Price: $35.00 CAD

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January 27, 2019
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Submitted by: David Nielsen (Beaverton , ON)
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Totally satisfied

wisp is a growing internet service provider in rural Ontario.While they have had to persevere major storm damage to some of their towers in spring of 2018, resulting in undesirable service interuptions to some of their clients, they seem to be getting back on track and continuing to developed their network and services. I have had to persevere Bell and Explore net for many years and was and am so overwhelmingly glad these folks came along. Small but growing private company, great product. Totally satisfied. David.
November 28, 2018
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Submitted by: patrick doyle (Port Perry , ON)
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This company is a scam. They are not really in the business of selling internet, but more so in the business of taking on 'investors' money to pay off previous 'investors', it is essentially a ponzi /pyramid scheme... Chris Evelyn (CEO of this ... hole of a business), has been previously sued numerous time in the past for doing this. How? Well, he finds people who don't understand the technology and who also have substantial capital to invest. He then promises them a low risk 200+% on their return over 20 years. All they have to do is become a 'Broadband Superhero' by giving him $40k; in return he uses $10k of that 'investment' to build, equip and install a tower on the 'investor's' property, while using the remaining funds to pay off previous 'investors' ... All the people that have been duped by this guy will never get what he promised them. Nor has anyone. Chris, your only skill is being a lying thief... Soon you are going to be in jail.

Reply from: John Law
December 21, 2018
OPP investigation is underway. If you or anyone you know has been scammed please spread the work and
March 6, 2017
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Submitted by: Leslie Avery (Bowmanville , ON)
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WISP is the best for Rural Internet!

We have been with WISP for over a year now and are so happy! Prior to finding this company, we used Bell (not good at all) and then Xplornet (not bad, but our location seems to provide challenges in acquiring a signal) ... then we were told about WISP and there's no looking back! We already had the antenna but the service rep installed an additional portion in order to acquire the best signal possible. Their people are great to deal with, very knowledgeable and there were no hidden fees! We would highly recommend WISP for your rural requirements!

Reply from: John Maloney
March 30, 2017
What package did you get? How do you find the speed? We're up in Hampton and want to get off of Bell.
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$35.00 Shipping: $15.00 Other: $75.00 No

Download: 4 MBPS

Upload: 1 MBPS



WISP Internet is a Canadian telecommunications company. Some of the services they provide include Internet services, home networking, security services and tower building.

Wisp serves rural Ontario areas and has headquarters in tranquil Bowmanville, Ontario.

In our review of WISP Internet, we will examine their Internet service plans and see how it compares with GoneVoip’s top three Internet service providers. Upon visiting their website, it was not working fully and the logo was missing.

WISP offers four main types of Internet service plans: The WISP Basic, the WISP Standard, the WISP Turbo and the WISP Express.

The WISP Basic, as the name suggests, is their most basic and inexpensive plan. It checks in at $35 a month, and their website states that as their most basic entry-level is the equivalent of many of their competitors' most expensive packages. Included is up to 4 MBPS download speeds, up to 1 MBPS upload speeds, a dynamic public IP address, no contracts, no bandwidth limits and 5 WISP email accounts.

The WISP Standard is stated as the company’s most popular package and comes in at $55 per month.. It states that it allows you to stream full HD Netflix and is an excellent option for light gaming. This therefore leads us to believe that the basic package does not allow you to do those things. Included in this package is 8 MBPS download speeds, 1 MBPS upload speeds, a dynamic public IP address, no bandwidth limits and no contracts.

The WISP Turbo keeps with the trend of each package raising in monthly cost by $20. The WISP Turbo comes in at $75. Includes are 10 MBPS download speeds, 2 MBPS upload speeds, 10 WISP emails, a static IP address and again no bandwidth limits or contracts.

The WISP Express comes in at $95 ($60 difference between WISP basic) and features download speeds of up to 12 MBPS, upload speeds of up to 4 MBPS, a static public IP address, 10 WISP email accounts, no contracts and no bandwidth limits.

WISP offers equipment rentals for $15 per month. If you do rent the modem, the installation is free. Alternatively, you can buy the equipment and the installation cost is $400 (which includes one month of free service). Furthermore, if you do not have a pre-existing mounting point for the hardware such as a TV tower or an empty satellite mount) otherwise there is an additional cost for the satellite mount of $75.

In our review of WISP, we thought the company offers reasonable packages with a clear and concise feature and price upgrade concept for all the different types. There are no hidden charges or contracts. $20 more for each level, with good increases for each additional level.

WISP Internet is not the cheapest option but they still offer good value, specifically with the WISP standard package. 

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