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Intl. Minutes: is a Canadian telecommunications provider. The company focuses on Internet and phone plans, including bundling options for both as well as business options. was founded in 2006 and has headquarters in Oakville, Ontario.

The company is owned by Zinam Consulting Inc.

In our review of, we will focus on their residential VOIP plans and see how they compare with GoneVoip’s top residential VOIP providers in features and pricing.

Buzzmax offers four main residential VOIP options. The first one is by far the most interesting: Buzz-to-Buzz.

The Buzz-to-Buzz is a plan which costs no money making it an option definitely worth looking into. It allows for unlimited calling to other Buzzmax customers with no connection, no contracts and no credit checks. While it is not uncommon for VOIP companies to allow free calls to other customers who also use the same company, we have never seen it offered as a sole option. This plan is only limited to incoming calls from Buzzmax customers so no matter what, one of the customers will need to be on a paid plan.

Buzzmax also offers the Unlimited Canada plan which allows for Canada-wide unlimited calls 24/7. This plan comes in at $19 per month. Again, there is no connection, no contracts and no credit checks.

Next up is the Unlimited Canada and USA plan. As the name suggests, this plans gives the user unlimited Canada and US calling 24/7 with no connection, no contracts and no credit checks. This plan comes in at $29 per month.

Finally, the Unlimited International offers the unlimited international package. Unlimited international calls come at a cost of $39 per month.

In our review of Buzzmax, we loved their website interface, and thought everything on the site was well laid out, and explained thoroughly. And we love their prices.

Buzzmax offers numerous options including a free option which is basically unheard of. Sure it means you can only receive calls from other Buzzmax customers but that is not too bad if it serves your purposes.

They are not the cheapest option on the market (minus the free option) however their pricing is very comparable to GoneVoip’s top residential VOIP providers. We therefore recommend them as a strong option to consider.

Buzzmax also offers numerous bundling options with their other services which decrease costs even further. Please visit our Buzzmax business VOIP and residential Internet reviews for further details on these products.

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