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Devices: None
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, ON, QC & SK
Monthly : $9.99 CAD

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January 13, 2020
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Submitted by: NAZARETH Eleyjian (Montreal , QC)
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Avoid their trap

they can offer you amazing offers with higher speed with a cheep price compare the others but form the moment that you agreed, you will be the victim, after one months your internet speed will reduced significantly like my case.
I purchased 50M Fiber Lite Express Plus high speed internet with download up-to 50M, upload speed up-to 10M, actually i got maximum 25 M, and in every tome i complaint they make the changes and i started to receive 45M but after 24 hours is't gets worst back to 16-17-and even to 7M, so they are not deserve to be an internet provider.
March 19, 2016
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Submitted by: Assationater (Toronto , ON)

If you want a good cheap deal for internet,phone or cable get cik!

Ciks plans are the best out there and you get highspeed internet with great custemer support dont listen to anyone else i have used cik for 5 years now and it gets better and better.
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Setup Fee Long Distance Rates

Canada: FREE
USA: $0.02
Intl. Minutes:

CIK Telecom is an ISP established in Toronto, ON in 2003. CIK Telecom tracks its roots back to China. The main focus is to target the large Chinese community with services in their language. In terms of the Home Phone, we found the Canadian plan to be an attractive plan but could become a little bit expensive. It does offer some good and usual VoIP features such as Caller ID, Call Block, and Voicemail but does lack the newest and most modern integration with smartphones or desktop app. In all CIK Telecom Home Phone comes with 12 features included. On the positive side, CIK Telecom does support bring your own device (BYOD), though is reduced to only Linksys Adapters (ATA).

CIK Telecom can transfer your existing home phone number. There is a website where you can easily check and verify if porting is possible. There is no cost to port in your existing number to CIK Telecom. However if in the future you decide to leave CIK Telecom Home Phone for another provider CIK Telecom does charge a $25 fee for releasing your phone number. 

CIK Telecom Home Phone comes packed with 12 features;

  • Caller Name/ID Display
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Call forward all
  • Call forward busy
  • Call forward no answer
  • Call-ID blocking
  • Voicemails
  • Caller blacklist (useful to stop telemarketers)
  • Anonymous call rejection (useful to stop telemarketers)
  • Do not disturb (useful to stop telemarketers)
  • Hotline

CIK Telecom Home Phone supports 9-1-1 calling and is free of charge. As with any VoIP based Home Phone, you need to be aware of the differences with the standard 9-1-1 service. Generally with VoIP you, the user is in charge of keeping the address updated registered with the account/phone number. The relevance of this is that it is the information used by 9-1-1 dispatchers in the event of a call and the calling party can't communicate the address.

In terms of international long-distance calling, as it is typical with ethnic providers, the better rates are reserved for a handful of targeted destinations. The prices are packages of minutes for a low monthly rate. These go 300 minutes for China, Hong Kong, Canada, and the US for only $3. If you want more then move to the 500 minutes package and that is $5. As always when using a Long Distance plan you shall check if the rates for calling China, currently $0.025 for mobile and landline are the best you can get. 

For Canada/US calling packages the minutes are more generous. Staring at 1,000 for $5 or 2,500 minutes at $10 per month. The cost of the long-distance plan has to be added on top of the monthly cost of the Home Phone service.

In all, Gonevoip believes CIK Telecom Home Phone could be a good alternative for you, especially when bundled with CIK Telecom Internet service. Since the Home Phone is then offered for free. Having said that considering there are many other alternatives. Which perhaps offer better service and cheaper monthly price.


Call Blocking Checkmark
Conference Calling Checkmark
BYOD: Checkmark
Smartphone App: Checkmark
Call Forwarding Checkmark
Call Hold Checkmark
Caller ID Name: Checkmark
Enhanced VoiceMail: Checkmark

How to activate my voicemail on home phonee

Hello, To enable your voicemail, you can either make a request online from my CIK account and you will receive a notification email once it is set up with the instruction how to check voicemail from home and outside of the home. Hope this helps! The Gonevoip Team

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