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$39.95 Shipping: $ Other: $79.95 No

Download: 6 Mbps




TNW was previously known as BC Rail Telecom when it was founded in 1957. The corporate head office of TNW can be found at 3rd floor, 1550 Alberni, Vancouver, BC, Canada!

It has now grown to be one of the largest Local Exchange Carriers in Canada. TNW offers a vast array of services and features that are widely available across North America. Teliphone acquired the assets of Navigata Comunnications Inc in December of 2012. TNW is also the proud owner and operator of New York Telecommunication Exchange, which happens to be world’s first neutral international telecommunications commodity exchange.

Let us now review the go to plan that TNW has to offer for customers looking for residential internet capabilities!

Teliphone offers a basic residential plan which comes with download speeds of up to 6 Mbps and the upload speeds were not mentioned. This plan is offered at an unlimited bandwidth rate and costs a total of $39.95 per month! The pricing on this plan is quite horrendous if compared to other providers who offer the same plan at a much cheaper price. For example, Distributel offers the same exact plan which offers 6 Mbps download speeds and an unlimited bandwidth for only $40. The added charge of $0.05 dollars is negligible. 

The additional charges include activation fees, dry loop charges, and setup fees. The activation and set up fees total out to $79.95 for a one-time fee, which in all honesty is way too high when compared to the setup fees being charged by other providers. Furthermore, we found it quite disappointing that Teliphone mentioned that the $39.95 fee did not include the dry loop fees, but also didn’t provide the fees for the dry loop anywhere on their website!

After carefully going through the acceptable usage policy of Teliphone we are happy to learn that they don’t engage in the practice of throttling! The plan is truly unlimited, but the cost of the plan is not entirely justifiable. Furthermore, sufficient information is not provided on the website in terms of the dry loop features and additional features that may come with the service. Teliphone definitely has to go back to the drawing boards and come with up a plan that has far more competitive pricing! 

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