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ZiD Internet
ZiD Internet

ZiD Internet

Website: www.zid.com
Services: Cable, DSL, Dial-up, Dry-loop & Wireless
Availability: ON & QC
Monthly Price: $27.95 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$27.95 Shipping: $25 Other: $ No

Download: 6 Mbps

Upload: 0.8 Mbps

Cap: 100GB

Overage: $0.25/GB

Zid internet is a subdivision of Zymos Computer systems Inc which was founded back in 1997. Zid internet is a multi-continental endeavor as their clients' span across Asia, the Caribbean’s, and North America.

Zid Internet division of Zymos Inc. can be found at 3955, Isabell Suite D, Brossard, QC, J4Y 2R2. One of the positive things we noticed about Zid internet was their membership with the Canadian Association of Internet Providers and the American Association of Internet Providers.  They offer a wide variety of VoIP services, web hosting, and residential internet among many others!

The residential plan that Zid has to offer comes with a 6 Mbps download rate, and an upload of 800 kbps. These are the most basic download and upload speeds offered by most service providers. This plan comes with a usage limit of 100 GB with a download and uploads bandwidth usage combined and it comes at the price of $27.95 per month. This plan also has an overage charge of $0.25 per GB with a maximum limit of $25.00.

The only disappointing factor that came to mind was that there is no mention of a “no limit peak hours” timing. Comparing this plan to another prominent service provider such as Yak will give us better insight into Zid Internet’s competitive pricing.  Distributel offers a 6 Mb plan for $40 that has a unlimited usage. So no need for overages from Distributel. In all honesty, we can certainly say that Zid internet offers a very viable price for the service they are providing.

Apart from the great pricing, let us now review some of the other fees a customer must pay. First off the standard dry loop is applied to customers that do not have a working phone line. The fee itself is not mentioned, and upon contacting the service provider we were not given a clear answer.

Furthermore, the activation fee which is separate from the setup fee is also mentioned vaguely; however, there is no specific fee available. When talking to a Zid internet representative we were told that the actual price cannot be provided due to the fact they are subject to spontaneous change, which is mentioned in the terms and conditions policy of Zid internet. 

All in all Zid internet does have a decent plan with a very reasonable price. However, we would have appreciated more cooperation from them when trying to find out various prices. Furthermore, the inclusion of unlimited peak hours will make their plan even more competitive!

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