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July 7, 2013
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Submitted by: Ann Smith (Calgary , AB)

Great and inexpensive

Great call quality, and almost free calling, and super clear calling. Way above and beyond the other alternatives that I have tried downloading. Customer service is also pretty great, as they fixed my issue within just a few hours.
June 20, 2013
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Submitted by: Alexandra Hook (Vancouver , BC)

Saved a lot of money

I'm using RingCredible for a few weeks now. It's a really good app. It already saved me lot of money.
June 19, 2013
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Submitted by: Joanna (Vancouver , BC)

Fantastic App

This app works great and delivers everything it promises!
The $0,5 free credit upon registrations is perfect to try the app out.
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Setup Fee Long Distance Rates

Canada: $0.01
USA: $0.01
Intl. Minutes: FREE 45 Min

Talk360 is an international long-distance calling app, that used to go by the name RingCredible. Talk360 was founded in 2010 to take a stand against the ridiculous rates that mobile phone providers were charging for long-distance and international calls. Headquartered in the Netherlands the company set out to build a simple smartphone app with a single mission: use VoIP technology to provide reliable, high quality, affordable calls to any phone in the world. Because Talk360 does not provide free calls or other functionality beyond this single purpose Talk 360 rates can be much lower than that of comparable competitors.

The Talk360 smartphone app is available on iOS (both iPhone and iPad), Android (smartphones and tablets) and BlackBerry platforms. The apps are easy to use as they resemble the native dialers of your phone and integrate with your contact list. Talk 360 rates are extremely low – 90% cheaper than your provider and 70% cheaper than other well-known dialers – and can be found both on Talk360's site and from within the app. Talk 360 has no subscription fees or other hidden charges, as credit can be bought on a prepaid pay-as-you-go basis. Gonevoip found that reportedly there are 6 Million people all over the world using the app.

Buying additional credit is easy with simple in-app purchases, either via your iTunes account or by using credit cards or a variety of other payment options. Your contact list is never uploaded to Talk360 server, nor does Talk360 harass users with the annoying advertisement in the app. 


Smartphone App: Checkmark
Desktop App: Checkmark
BYOD: Checkmark
Area Code Selection: Checkmark
Extra Number: Checkmark
Web Management: Checkmark
Toll Free Numbers: Checkmark
VoiceMail to Email: Checkmark

How can I access voicemail on Talk360

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Do I get charged a monthly fee even if I do not use the service

Hello, The Simple answer is no. However is worth explaining some more. When using Talk 360 you are buying 'credits'. The credits have an expiration date of 12-months from the day they were bought. How you use the credits, and when that is entirely up to you. When the credits are about to expire Talk 360 will notify you, sending an email 7 days ahead. Have a great day! The Gonevoip Team

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How much does it cost per minute to call Ghana?

Hello Nii, The calls to Ghana, either to Landlines or Mobile are $0,3 per minute. Happy Talking! The Gonevoip Team

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