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FRESO made its beginnings in New Brunswick Canada in 2011, which makes it a relatively new service provider. In its short lifetime, FRESO has managed to expand its reach across the entirety of North America. This sudden expansion of business comes as no surprise considering that FRESO connect offers a multitude of services, great customer support, and a great infrastructure which is the backbone of its success. FRESO Connect offers a non-contract agreement which is always a great incentive for customers who don’t want to be bound by anything.

FRESO Connect offers a Canada/US plan which is free for the month and then subsequent charges of $18.99 per month begin. Considering the rates of other service providers such as Comwave which offers its Canada plan at $24.95 per month we can ascertain that FRESO certainly makes sure to charge just the right amount. Comwave doesn’t even offer unlimited calling throughout North America, but still manages to charge more money for than Freso! This plan also comes with a bunch of features that can be of great use to customers such as call blocking, blocking of anonymous calls, and having the option to port your existing phone number to the FRESO connect service!

FRESO Connect offers a variety of options for customers who regularly make international calls. The following options have been given; international calling add-ons and flat rates if a customer chooses not to opt for the add-on. The Unlimited World add-on costs $19.99 per month and Unlimited Asia and Mexico add-on costs $9.99 a month. Due to the existence of these add-ons, the flat rates for international calling seem to be extremely cheap in comparison to other service providers. For example, the international calling rate to India through FRESO would be 1.9 cents per minute. With Yak; a service provider known for its great international calling rates, the calling rate to India is roughly 11.5 cents a minute! This certainly puts FRESO ahead in more ways than one!

FRESO also has secondary add-ons that come with a per month charge. For example, if a customer requires a secondary phone, he or she would have to pay another $5.00 per month, secure online management ($5.00 per month) and various others. Upon viewing the fair usage policy of FRESO we ascertained that the service they provide excludes two states of America (Hawaii and Alaska), as well as the North West Territories and Yukon. Another add-on users can attain is the smart app which FRESO calls the Everywhere Add-On. This add-on costs an extra $8.99 per month but can be attained for free if a customer does not require a standard phone device. Freso does have customer support staff that may be very helpful and available around the clock if a customer has any inquiries.

After all the fees, it can certainly be concluded that FRESO home phone prices are NOT very competitive in today’s world. So you can be only sure to shop around and find better alternatives, for example with VoIP Much - about half the price for similar Home Phone!

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