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Services: Wireless
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Monthly Price: $50 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$50 Shipping: $ Other: $100 No

Download: 10 Mbps

Upload: 5 Mbps

Cap: 75 GB


Lyttonnet is a wireless internet services provider that provides its services specifically in the Lytton region and surrounding communities. Lyttonnet is a community effort and receives minimal funding from taxes. They have been providing telecommunication services since 1950 and have an ample amount of experience. Lyttonnet also sells equipment that ranges from satellite dishes to webcams. Lyttonnet caters to customers who don’t want to hassle with wired connections and also to those users who do not have access to wired connections.

The headquarters of Lyttonnet can be found at P.O. Box 297 281 Main Street Lytton BC, V0K 1Z0. Let us now review one of the basic residential plans that Lyttonnet has to offer to its customers.

Lyttonnet provides a residential plan which they call the power bolt plan which comes with download speeds of up to 10 Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps. This plan comes with a usage cap of only 75 GBs per month and costs a total of $50.00 plus taxes per month.

Considering the fact that Lyttonnet provides internet to a region that primarily does not have access to a wired internet solution, this pricing is quite reasonable, though the usage cap could be a tad bit higher. Worldline offers a 6 Mbps plan which comes with upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps with an unlimited usage cap for only $30.00 per month. However differentiating between wired and wireless connections can be quite tricky considering wireless connections require more maintenance, and generally are more expensive. The pricing on this plan by Lytonnet is on par with the customers they are targeting!

The setup fees being implemented by Lyttonnet are $100, which are understandable for the expensive equipment that is required when installing a wireless connection. The overage charges are at $1 dollar per GB. The clientele that Lyttonnet is targeting is primarily folks who use the internet for sending emails and light browsing, which makes the usage cap and overage charge fairly reasonable for a wireless connection. 

In all honesty, wired connections are definitely the way to go in today’s day and age however not all remote locations have the facilities to accommodate a wired internet connection. In such situations, internet service providers such as Lytonnet have to take the initiative to be able to provide internet access to a region which would otherwise lack any fast internet access.

In terms of pricing, Lytonnet is not charging an excessive amount for the services being rendered and the setup fees are quite inexpensive when considering the setup fees implemented by other wireless internet service providers!

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