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November 15, 2019
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Submitted by: Emma (Pictou , NO)
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Seaside Internet- A Review

My dog waving a stick in the backyard gets better internet service than seaside wireless internet provides. 0/10 recommend.
August 16, 2019
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Submitted by: andre piccini (springville , NO)
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rotten company

i had seaside for 9 years worked well 10mb
they took it away put me on 1.5mb
and i have nothing now 0.25 may 0.30mb
not fair at all.
July 30, 2019
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Submitted by: Hubert (Whycocomagh , NO)
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Talked to a manager!

Wow, all I can say is, "WOW"!
Talked to the manager and she insisted I got the services I'm paying for. Told her, and explained in detail what my speeds were, less than 1mbps!!!! I told her what the lady, customer service, said to me last night and I said consumer laws protect us from things like this. I know my rights and I repeatedly told her that I wasn't trying to get out of paying anything, but if a customer service representative tells me I don't have to pay anything because of the service then I'm gonna hold them responsibile. I did ask about the install and she said again, that I don't have to pay anything but insisted I try technical support which I did.Maybe she was confused but IDK honestly, I just know what was said to me. I asked the manager if the conversations were recorded she didn't answer initially but towards the end she said they weren't. As we were talking the manager told me that I was trying to get out of the contract and not pay the install fee and on her side, she said I was getting consistent speeds, which I wasn't! Less than 24 hrs and I did call in to troubleshot but this is garbage service and customer service by the manager. To accuse me of wanting to get out the contract is very unprofessional and I told her I'd like to speak to someone above her and I'll be waiting to speak to her, she said, "She's gonna tell you the same exact thing", I expect nothing less. If they wanna send me to collections I'll just keep documenting what was said to me and to report them to BBB and consumer affairs to make my official complaint! Now I'm gonna let my family & friends not to deal with these people. BEWARE!!
July 30, 2019
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Submitted by: Hubert (Whycocomagh , NO)
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Woefully disappointed!

I needed a 2nd connection so I opted to try Seaside wireless. I've not had this service not even a day and here I am canceling the service. I got it installed approx. 230Pm, the installers were nice. They tried to get me the 15Mbps but no luck. They did their job and left. Not even a few hrs later my speeds dropped down to 2mbps which is unacceptable. I called customer service talked to the lady, she seemed to be an older lady, regardless I told her I wanted to cancel and she said lets try other options first, call tech support and if it still persists then proceed with canceling. I asked is there anything I have to pay for canceling and she said no, why would you if the service you've gotten and canceling it on the first day? I said, ok thanks. So I did call tech support, he suggested I take off the wireless router which I did, and it fluctuated between 2mbps to 4/4.5 Mbps. So around 6 I kept testing the speeds and it was even worse, I was getting less than 1mbps, so I told my son, it's prob busy time so we'll keep checking. Took off for a few hrs and got home approx 10:15 that night and it was still really bad. I disconnected and went back to my bell connection. Woke up this morning, connected it and still it was 2mbps to 4mpbs and it did jump up to 8mbps but that is so inconsistent. I called up to cancel and was told that sorry for the mistake but there is a tech fee, I told her well I wasn't asking for anything free, but I'm gonna hold your company to what your employee said. So, now I'm waiting for the manager to call. If you are absolutely stuck for service then take the chance, but for us who are gamers or want consistent highspeed then please go elsewhere and avoid the frustration and headaches.
September 6, 2018
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Submitted by: Wayne Morrison (Nuttby , NO)
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Techs are nice

Again, or actually still might be more appropriate, internet speed so low its unusable, 1 and lower, paying for 5. It's become so common to not have service it's a surprise when its on and fast enough to use. The only good thing I have to say is the techs are polite and do there best with what they have. There is another supplier out here going to have to try them.and to make matters even worse have to find traffic lights to send the gd message
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$ Shipping: $$99.00 - $50.00 Other: $$55.95 Yes

Download: 1.5 MBPS

Upload: Not Mentioned

Cap: Unclear

Overage: Unclear

Seaside Wireless Broadband is a community-based endeavor which helps the people of Cape Breton acquire internet access at an affordable cost. However whether or not the cost is truly affordable will be discussed later. Seaside wireless is the sister company to another telecommunications provider known as Seaside Communications which offers wired internet across numerous counties in Nova Scotia. However, our focus will remain on Seaside Wireless which provides wireless internet connections, across numerous counties in Nova Scotia. The headquarters of Season Wireless can be found at 1318 Grand Lake Road (Next to Cape Breton University) Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia P.O. Box number 4558 Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia, B1E 1L2. Let us now review one of the Seaside Wireless flagship residential internet plans!

The first thing we noticed about all of Seaside Wireless’s internet plans is the fact that they are all offered on a contractual basis. They offer three plans in three different frames of a contractual agreement. The first plan has the following specifications: download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and installation fees.

This plan is called the Express. If you decide to go with the one year contract you’ll have to pay a $99.00 installation fee and a monthly fee of $55.95 per month. For the PLUS plan with a download speed of up to 5 Mbps, you have the same install fee and a monthly cost of $62.95 The next available plan from Seaside Wireless is the Ultimate with download speeds of up to 10 Mbps at a monthly cost of $72.45. The final Home internet plan available from Seaside Wireless is the Extreme with Speeds Up to 15 Mbps with a monthly cost of $85.95; through this new service is not yet available in all areas.

If you opt for the no-contract, minimum 6-months of service you’ll have to pay a setup fee of $99  and the same charges on a monthly basis. If you, however, opt for the contract, the setup fees are waived, but the monthly charge remains the same.

It was vaguely mentioned that this plan is based on an unlimited bandwidth cap but we can’t be too sure about that considering the lack of information. The rates at which Seaside Wireless is providing their services aren’t too bad when compared to other wireless providers such as Last Mile Wireless and MDS Wireless which offer the same plan at the same rates of $49.95 per month. The troubling part is the fact a contractual agreement is required under any circumstance when opting into Seaside Wireless services.

The lack of information on Seaside Wireless’s website is another suspicious factor about the services. A very vague mention is made of them offering unlimited bandwidth, and apart from that, there wasn’t much information provided at all. A page of benefits was provided, but those benefits pertain to having general internet access and not specifically about the services provided by Seaside Wireless.

Seaside Wireless can do away with their requirements for a contractual agreement and that would make their plans seem a hundred times better. As it currently is, however, they require a contractual agreement on every wireless plan they offer and that doesn’t usually sit too well with customers looking for a potential wireless service provider. Furthermore Seaside Wireless definitely needs to provide more information about their plans!

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we joined seaside in october 2015 . I was able to play world of tanks or watch movies off of you tube perfectly . however by december pf 2015 the movies on you tube were not running as they would load every couple of minutes . my world of tanks game would not run as the ms went from 90 ms to 999 ms . what happened to our service . today seaside upgraded our intenna and charged us more money telling us this will fix the problem . however we are still not able to watch you tube movies without them stopping to load every couple of seconds and my world of tanks game is not able to run as the ms is still at 999 . I believe that when we first bought into seaside in october 2015 their service was fine , however something changed on their part within a couple of months for the worse and it has not gotten better it still is no good . some of my friends have left sea side for other providers and they are wanting me to join them but I know seaside will bring back their initial quality of service hopefully soon . my question is why did they drop their quality of service in the first place and when will they bring it back to their innitial quality . we are without internet more than we have internet . as far as their up grade goes their is no improvement but they are chargeing us more money for a service that we cannot use .

Hello, Please contact our customer care team at 1-888-965-5511 for a detailed review of your connection. Troubleshooting will be needed to determine possible causes, and a resolution. Thank you

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