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Telus Home Phone
Telus Home Phone

Telus Home Phone

Availability: AB & BC
Monthly Price: $40 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$40 $35

Canada: $0.05
USA: $0.05
Intl. Minutes:

Telus is one of the major Telecommunications players in Canada. Though in comparison is much younger than rivals Bell and Rogers. Telus was founded in 1990 by the Government of Alberta in order to facilitate the privatization of Alberta's Government Telephone Services. Through the '90s Telus grow steadily via acquisitions, it acquired Ed Tel from the City of Edmonton in 1995 and later in 1999 it merged with British Columbia BCTel.  Today Telus is based in Vancouver, BC and employs about 47,000 Canadians thru diverse telecommunications and media assets.

With that said let us focus now to review Telus Home Phone services and prices. To begin we shall begin by saying Telus Home Phone comes with two versions:

  • Telus Home Phone: Unlimited 'Local' Calling, With 9-Features @ $40 per month
  • Telus Home Phone Lite: Unlimited 'Local' Calling, 1-Feature @ $30 per month

Both packages have an initial discount for the first 3-months of service. The Telus Home Phone Lite for the first 3-months is $15/month IF you bundle with TV, Internet, and Mobile phone. Telus Home Phone full featured plan will be $25 per month - but again if tangled up in a bundle with TV, Internet, and Mobile phone. 

Next, let us review what are the features you can get with your Telus Home Phone account. In total there are 9 Calling Features available:

  • Call Display
  • Call Reveal
  • Call Screen
  • Call Waiting
  • Voicemail
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Call Return
  • Cal Forward
  • Smart Ring

If a new line is to be set up, there is a fee for that. That is $35 one-time connection fee. With a quick review of Telus Home Phone, Long Distance plans we encounter these rather expensive. For example to have an Add-on for Unlimited US and Canada is an extra $15 per month. If you need to talk to China or India you could do so for $0.05 per minute. Also, Telus Home Phone has some other Add-ons specifics, for example, the Asia Long Distance (though is for China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan) which is $7 per month. For India, there is the Unlimited India Telus Home Phone Add-on at $10 more per month.

With we conclude our review of Telus Home Phone, it can be said it is very expensive when compared to other services. If we add the fact of the poor reputation of Telus Home Phone support then is no wonder more and more are deciding to abandon Telus Home Phone services. 

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