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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$34.99 Shipping: $49.99 Other: $ No

Download: 15mbps

Upload: 1Mbps

Cap: 300GB


iTalkBB is active on a global front and has been operating across three continents for quite some time now. The headquarters of iTalkBB can be found at Unit 260 - 7926 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA 22102 United States.
They are one of the few providers who have the triple play service, which includes television, VoIP and internet. Most of the plans that iTalkBB has to offer revolve around opting into all three services. However we are going to be focusing solely on the internet solutions that iTalkBB has to offer for residential purposes.
iTalkBB offers a FTTN 15 plan which allows for 15 mbps downloading speeds, and 1 mbps uploading speeds. This plan comes with an unlimited bandwidth cap which is quite impressing, and totals out to $34.99 per month. The initial activation fee costs $49.99 which is generally the same as other internet service providers. Distributel offers a 10 mbps FTTN plan with an upload speed of 7 mbps with unlimited usage for $49.95. There is a stark contrast between the pricing, which may give iTalkBB the upper hand, however there is a catch! Anyone looking to iTalkBB internet service cannot avail it until they have the iTalkBB home phone, and iTalkBB Chinese TV. This shows us that not only is iTalkBB trying to upsell by a huge margin, they are also targeting a specific type of customer, because let’s face it, not everyone in Ontario needs Chinese TV. 
Upon investigation of iTalkBB’s reasonable usage policy we learned that this plan is not truly unlimited. 300 GBs is the ultimate limit that is set on iTalkBB plans, which in all honesty is way more than enough for residential usage.
The fact that customers can not solely opt into the internet services is rather disappointing. However the phone and tv services add only an additional $5.00 to the bill. This makes it quite inexpensive considering you’re getting three different services for a total of $40.00 per month. The clientele that would be fine paying for Chinese TV every month however is limited in Canada!
All in all we believe that iTalkBB has very strong pricing, but it definitely needs to bring standalone internet packages to the table. Without a standalone internet package, iTalkBB is missing out on a lot of potential customers across Canada, or they can offer western TV for the same price with this plan. In both scenarios iTalkBB will certainly persevere more.

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