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Services: DSL, Dry-Loop & Dial-up
Availability: Ontario
Monthly Price: $52.95 CAD

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June 22, 2018
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Submitted by: Lin (Centreville , ON)
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Very Poor Service

My friend purchased a laptop from this company less than a year ago and she has had to return it four times for repairs. This meant weeks of being out of communication with her. They offered no compensation or replacement. What kind of service is that? I would have given them a zero if I could.

Reply from: Michael Shurtliffe
June 29, 2018

This review is not for Internet services as this website is designed for but we will still respond through this site Be advised this laptop is over one year which customer was informed of this You are correct we have sent unit away previously for the web camera issues however we only are able to hold the warranty on those units as the customer will note in their invoice for 30 days the manufacture requires it to be repaired by them after 30 days and the unit is now been over one year To assist the customer we have provided them courtesy warranties at no charge for the previous issues. We have attempted to work with Acer over the past few weeks for a resolution but due to the fact that the unit was returned after the warranty we are having a difficult time with the issue We are doing our best even though the warranty was not to be handled by us , but by the manufacture and end-user We will continue to work with Acer to try to get this issue resolved
January 5, 2018
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Submitted by: Mike Shurtliffe (Napanee , ON)
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This review is currently outdated, may of the rates have been update and more services added. For example all services are now unlimited and CanDo now offers cable service as well
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$52.95 Shipping: $15 Other: $10 No

Download: 7Mbps

Upload: 7Mbps

Cap: 300GB


CanDo Technologies was founded back in 2008 and has been offering internet and computer services ever since then. They are owned locally and provide services across Canada and the United States. CanDo Technologies offers a variety of services ranging from high-speed internet, TV repairs, web designing and hosting, phone services, satellite services and many more. Due to such versatility, CanDo Technologies has gained a credible name for itself across the North American continent.

CanDo headquarters can be found at 113 Richmond Blvd. Unit 6 Napanee, Ontario K7R 3Z8. Let us now review the most prominent high-speed internet plan that CanDo Technologies has to offer. 

  • 512 Kbs- 6mbs DSL   Unlimited at $42.25
  • 7 MB/s   FTTN  DSL   Unlimited at $52.95
  • 10 MB/s FTTN  DSL   Unlimited at $54.95 
  • 15 MB/s FTTN  DSL   Unlimited at $56.95
  • 25 MB/s FTTN  DSL   Unlimited  at $73.99
  • 50 MB/s FTTN  DSL   Unlimited at $79.99

However, CanDo Technologies pricing is far too steep even with such unlimited usage!.

Some additional charges that CanDo Technologies implements are the activation fees and activation fees for dry loop (if required). The activation fee is a onetime charge of $15.00 and the activation fee for the dry loop is a onetime charge of $25.00. The dry loop monthly charges are $10.00. A positive incentive CanDo offers is that if a customer already owns a router, it will be programmed for them for free. 

In all honesty CanDo Technologies provides home internet plans that hold some potential; however, that potential is wasted with the pricing model implemented. We believe that CanDo definitely Can-Do better with the pricing and if that means removing some plans altogether, then so be it!

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