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$38.95 Shipping: $65.95 Other: $ No

Download: 7Mbps

Upload: 1Mbps



Groupe Acces is a Canadian ISP with HQ in Montreal. Groupe Acces offers wireless and DSL packages in Ontario and Quebec, especially in the Laurentian Mountain Range where there is minimal internet coverage. In our review of Groupe Acces, we will look at the plans they offer and compare them with Gonevoip’s Top 3 ISP’s in Canada.

Group Acces offers high-speed DSL service for $38.95 per month, not including taxes. There is no contract and there are no activation fees. You can pay $3.50 per month for a modem rental or make the outright purchase it for $99. There is also an additional one-time charge of $65.95 wireless router/firewall charge as well as unnamed dry loop fee if you don’t have an active phone line. It is also worth noting that you are not actually billed monthly but rather quarterly.

Therefore, assuming you have an active phone line and you need to purchase both the modem and the router, your first bill would be over $600 for the first four months of service and $151 every four months thereafter.

Now let’s take a look at the wireless broadband packages Groupe Acces offers. There are six plans which range in price from $39 to $125 per month (not including taxes). The most basic wireless plan is $39 per month and allows 30 GB of data usage with up to 1 Mbps download speeds and up to 0.256 Mbps upload speeds. The wi-fi router is included in this monthly price as a rental. The most expensive of the wireless plans is $125 but with considerably faster download speeds of up to 20 Mbps and 5 Mbps upload speeds. Furthermore, you are allowed 300 GB of data usage with this plan.

However, the wireless plans have considerable activation fees including a $149 antenna fee, a $200 standard installation fee and a possible additional $20 satellite arm charge. There is also a number of additional optional fees. For instance, they have a $5 monthly insurance charge which covers technician visits. There is also a $15 monthly charge if you need a fixed IP address. Then there are three additional one-time charges for a stronger router ($50 plus taxes), any particular programming needs such as cameras or port forwarding ($75 plus taxes) and an administration fee for transportation of ownership ($75 plus taxes).

Our review of Group Acces concludes that the company has reasonable base prices however the cost rises considerably with the numerous fees for both their wireless and DSL services. If your needs include extra options than you can be looking at considerable extra charges, although many of these extra options are not necessarily available with other companies. We give them extra points for accurately displaying everything upfront and letting people know in advance how much everything costs. Having said that, if you can find an alternative to compare to then we suggest you compare.

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