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Vianet is a telecommunications services provider. They serve the central and eastern areas of Ontario.
Vianet was founded in 1995 and are based out of Sudbury, Ontario.
In our review of Vianet, Gonevoip will take a look at the internet services they provide and see how they stack up with Gonevoip's top three internet service providers.
Vianet offers a wide variety of internet plans, including high-speed fibre, high-speed cable, high-speed DSL, high-speed wireless and regular dialup internet.

It is pretty rare that you find a company which offers so many different types of internet as most tend to specialize in one or two. The catch is that where you are located ultimately decides what is available to you, as not all products are available everywhere.

Before we get into the plans, it is worth noting that there is an unamed activation fee for all high speed DSL packages. There is no mention of any of the other packages having activation fees. There is no mention of modem costs.

Vianet has a high speed cable package, which comes in at $57.50 per month  - when you select your area as Cogeco, Ontario. If you choose a different city, the price may be different. Looking at the Cogeco option,  the customer gets download speeds of up to 15 MBPS and upload speeds of up to 2 MBPS. This package comes with unlimited data usage.

If you live in Parry Sound, there are three fiber packages available ranging in price from $44.95 to $99.95 and all of which are unlimited. Again, other areas may have different options and different prices.

The $44.95  package, named the Fiber Optic 10/2 offers download speeds of up to 10 MBPS and upload speeds of up to 2 MBPS. The $64.95 Fibre Optic 40/20 offers download speeds of up to 40 MBPS and uploas speeds of up to 10 MBPS. Finally at the lofty $99.95 per month, the Fibre Optic 80/40 includes download speeds of up to 80 MBPS and upload speeds of up to 40 MBPS.
The High Speed DSL packages do not require a city to be chosen. This is their most extensive selection of packages with a total of six that range in price from $33.99 to $75.99 monthly costs. All offer unlimited data and begin with download speeds of up to 2 MBPS for the cheapest package and goes up to 15 MBPS for the two most expensive. Nothing too impressive with those plans.

The High Speed Wireless Packages are interesting in that their service area seems to expand greatly compared to the other plans and you can search by city name or even by longitude and latitude. A seach for Toronto showed their nearest tower which was 1 km away from the city centre and then it proceeded to pull up three packages. Look up your city to see how far the tower is away from you and  always keep inmind that natural objects blocking the tower's view to your house effect coverage severely.

None of the wireless packages were too impressive with even the most expensive package (which checks in at $94.95 monthly) only offering download speeds of up to 7 MBPS and upload speeds of 2 MBPS. Even for wireless plans with generally lower speeds, those numbers are unacceptable in our mind for almost $100 per month.

Finally, Vianet also offers dialup internet. Selecting Barrie as our city, we are given two options. The first comes in at $9.95 per month and gives you fifteen hours of access per month with download and upload speeds of up to 56 KBPS. The only difference with the more expensive option beyond the additional $10 per month is that instead of fifteen hours you get unlimited access per month. But with 56 KBPS, there is not much you'll be able to do with it.

In our review of Vianet, we give them points for the huge variety of plans available, giving the consumers a lot to think about. However, part of the reason for the variety is that all of the plans are not available in every part of their service area, so this company's viability really boils down to where you live. If you are lucky enough to live in one of the places where their fiber plans are available, then you are in luck as they offer the most value. Even the Fibre Optic 80/40  at $99.95 per month, while expensive, is giving you one of the best speeds available on the market.
Therefore, if you live in an area where Vianet is available, we suggest you consider them versus Gonevoip's top three internet service providers and see if it makes sense for you, as it is very much depends on an individual-by-individual basis if it is right for you.


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December 6, 2017
Submitted by: Dennis (Gravenhurst, ON)
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Amazing service

I have Vianet internet in Gravenhurst. 40 meg down 20 up. It far exceeds anything anyone else can get me. Lots offer more but can't deliver. This company delivers exactly what they say. Price is as cheap as Bell 5 meh which only delivers 1 to2 meg at best when it worked. Great company and they are now upgrading their service to do 're in Gravenhurst Ontario. Should be here by spring if not before.
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