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Allo Canada
Allo Canada

Allo Canada

Coverage: No Longer Operating
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November 22, 2015
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Submitted by: Mike (Hamilton , ON)

Allo sucks

When first subscribe to Allo it work ok for about 3 months. Then it stop working after we put $30. Sent 5 emails no response. I sincerely would not recommend Allo Canada. Live learn.
July 27, 2015
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Submitted by: Hossein (Halifax , NS)

It's a scam!

The first time I made an international call, it turned out that the actual rate was twice higher than they advertised in their website. I emailed then four times about the discrepancy without any response. I just checked their website to see how much fund is left in my account and to my surprise their website doesn't work either!!!!

Reply from: Sam
September 25, 2015
Same situation. No access numbers work. 50$ on account. No response to customer support email. It may be time for legal action.

Reply from: Hossein Abolghasem
September 23, 2015
None of the access numbers are in service. This is definitely a scam. I have $10 in my account without being able to use it. Damn them.

Reply from: Jean
July 31, 2015
Contact me Hossein
February 19, 2015
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Submitted by: HR (Sherbrooke , QC)

do not waster your money

D not trust them! They do not have a telephone line for customer support and they do not return the emails. I purchased some credit but it did not appear in my account after more than a week. I had to send a letter to them to describe the problem (old fashion!), and as I mentioned they do not reply to emails and letters. So please be ware that you are at risk of paying $ for nothing!
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Allo Canada is no longer in business.

Allo Canada was a Long Distance HQ in Gatineau, QC. The main focus of Allo Canada was to provide easy and affordable access to international long-distance calling. Though the long-distance calling from within Canada was never the best we've seen in the market. Being Allo Canada a basic operation, run by night type of shop, did not provided a Smartphone App nor web or desktop calling - so you had to have access to a phone.  Allo Canada did had a fairly good list of Access Numbers throughout all the Canadian provinces.


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