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Bell Home Phone
Bell Home Phone

Bell Home Phone

Availability: AB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NS, ON, PEI, QC & SK
Monthly Price: $59.44 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$59.44 $49.95

Intl. Minutes:

Bell Canada, commonly called Bell, is one of the major companies in Canada. Originally founded as a subsidiary of Bell Systems. Bell Systems, in turn, was co-founded by Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone. Today Bell has headquarters in Montreal, Quebec and employs over 49,000 Canadians

With that said, Bell Home Phone has been, and for many still an iconic household item for Canadian families. Though times passes and with it there has been an erosion on Bell Canada Home Phone business. Bell Home Phone has the highest disconnection rate and at the same time the highest intent to switch. 

Let us move on now to our proper Bell Home Phone review. It is almost a DOA. Right off the gate, Bell Home Phone plans hit you with high monthly prices.

  • Bell Home Phone Lite @ $44.44/month with Unlimited Local Calling
  • Bell Home Phone Choice @ $59.44/month with Unlimited Local Calling & 8-Features of your choice.

Both are subject to a hefty Activation Fee of $49.95!

The Feature set you can pick with Bell Home Phone Choice package is, we must say, well thought. Though is limited. In total, you can choose, without having to pay extra among 11 features. Here we show a comprehensive list of all Bell Home Phone features:

  1. Ident-A-Call
  2. Visual Call Waiting (Counts as two Features!)
  3. Three-Way Calling
  4. Call Answer
  5. Call Answer Message Manager (Why this separated from the other is mind-blowing!)
  6. Call Forwarding
  7. Call Waiting
  8. Last Call Return
  9. Voice Dialing (Extra $5/month!)
  10. Call Privacy
  11. Call Control
  12. Call Screen

Also, we do need to take into account Bell home phone support which is well known to be poor or lacking, more interested in selling unnecessary products than fixing existing problems.

If we compare the price of Bell Home Phone with 8-Features against VoIP Much Home Phone with over 30-Features; you could be saving about $600 a year! It is no wonder why more and more Canadian are abanding Bell Landline services. 

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