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Sirius Computers

Cable, DSL & Dial-up

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$34.95 Shipping: $ Other: $ No

Download: 5Mbps

Upload: 800kbps



SiriusComputers was founded back in 2011 making it fairly new in the world of telecommunications. Very little is known about the, considering they don’t offer an about us page on their website, and they remain quite elusive on Google as well. SiriusComputers does have a large range of services they offer varying from hardware sales of cameras, flash memory, cables and many more. They also offer internet services, web hosting and phone services. They offer their internet services free of contract and claim to hold customer service above all else. Let us review one of SiriusComputer’s residential internet plans to truly put them to the test.
SiriusComputers offer only one residential DSL plan which comes with download speeds of up to 5 mbps and upload speeds of up to 800 kbps. This plan also has unlimited bandwidth and is priced at a total of $34.95 per month. The speeds this plan is offering and the price tag are both below par if you compare them to other prominent internet service providers. For example FibreStream offers a 50 mbps plan with upload speeds of 50 mbps as well, with an unlimited usage cap for the same price of $34.99 per month. Wordline offers a 6 mbps plan with upload speeds of up to 1 mbps couple with unlimited usage for only $29.99 per month. Thus, in terms of pricing SiriusComputers is not at all impressive. 
Customers who are looking into buying a new internet service should be aware of their average bandwidth usage to know whether or not an unlimited plan is truly worth their money. Many users will find that a capped plan with a cheaper price tag will fulfill their needs and save them money at the same time.
A disappointing factor we noticed about SiriusComputers is the lack of any Dry DSL plan, which means that anyone without an active telephone line can not avail SiriusComputer services. However one positive aspect we did notice was that there is no activation fee if a customer chooses to opt into SiriusComputer services. This aspect alone is commendable; however it does not redeem SiriusComputers from the high price that they are demanding.
SiriusComputers needs to work out whether or not they want to offer a competitive plan in today’s internet services market, because currently many internet service providers have the upper hand. SiriusComputers also needs to introduce capped plans at economical rates to be able to compete against contenders like TekSavvy who has various caps for the same plan offered at different rates; this allows the customer to have a larger range of choices to work with!

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