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RingCentral Services for Professionals Reviews and Plans

RingCentral Services for Professionals
Provider Summary Information
RingCentral Services for Professionals
RingCentral Services for Professionals

RingCentral Services for Professionals

Website: www.ringcentral.ca
Services: Android & iOS
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NF, NS, ON,PEI, SK & QC
Monthly : $24.99 CAD


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RingCentral for Business Professionals

For any business that is looking to telecommute and working from home, RingCentral Phone provides the services you need to manage and run your business from home. Here is a review of the service and how it can help business professionals.

About RingCentral

Ring makes it easy for professionals working from home. With RingCentral Phone, you have all of your phone services in one cloud-based location. There is no need for additional hardware. You can work at your own pace and even connect with others in your organization across the world.

Manage Your Business Phone Needs

RingCentral makes it easy to manage all your business phone needs right from home. Collaborate and work with business partners no matter where they are in the world. Hold meetings, send faxes, share important files, and much more.

Enjoy a flexible and mobile phone system in the cloud. Establish your business credibility with a toll-free number so your customers can easily reach you. Add, edit, or remove extensions at any time. Link your employees no matter where they are. RingCentral makes it easy to manage your phone calls right from home.

Main Services

  • Inbound call management
  • Works with existing phone systems
  • Toll-free or a local number
  • Fax services
  • Voicemail and email services
  • Call forwarding
  • Answering rules
  • Call Queues
  • Mobile integration
  • Keep your number now with no cost to you
  • Match prices with a competitor. Call 1-877-515-0507 to qualify for a price match

Advanced Call Features

Delegate calls to those who can handle them. Screen your calls block specific numbers or send a call to voicemail. Use call forwarding so your customers can reach you 24 hours a day. Use call flip and move an ongoing call between your smartphone, mobile phone, or your desk phone. Use the intercom feature to make announcements to your colleagues at all of your office locations.

Use features such as visual voicemail or voice mail to email. Listen to your calls on the go no matter where you are. Their cloud-based service makes it easy to administer your business across all of your locations right from the comfort of your own home. Everything is easy to integrate with your preferred device.

Robust Management

RingCentral Phone makes it easy to manage your business. Integrate the service with all of your essential applications. You won't have to replace outdated PBX Hardware as everything is managed in the cloud. Establish your company's image with personalized greetings. Entertain your callers with music on hold features and custom messages. 

Port old numbers to your new phone system with ease. If you have multiple branches use the multi-site support feature to manage those branches based upon their individual operational needs. Use call monitoring to monitor calls to improve customer experience. Record your outbound and inbound calls with the RingCentral call logs. Playback and download your recordings whenever you want. RingCentral has everything you need in a cloud-based phone system for your home office.


There are several RingCentral packages to choose from to meet all of your business needs. The Standard and Premium packages have the same services as the essential with extra additional as indicated.

  • Essentials - $24.99 each month. 100-toll free minutes in the USA and Canada. Voicemail-to-text, unlimited calling
  • Standard - $29.99 each month. 1,000 toll-free minutes, audio meetings, Internet fax, video meetings
  • Premium - $39.99 each month. 2,500 toll-free minutes, automatic call recording.
  • Ultimate - $54.99 each month. Same as Premium plus Unlimited storage, Device Alerts and Reporting.


RingCentral can grow with you with the following expansions:

  • Additional virtual extension $2.99CAD per month
  • Additional fax numbers $4.99CAD month
  • Vanity number %$30CAD (one-time fee)


You can telecommute from home and have the phone services you need. Our review indicates that RingCentral is an excellent provider. They were awarded the prestigious Internet Telephony Product of the year by TMC twice. Get in touch with them via the RingCentral Canadian website or call at 1-877-515-0507.


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