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AIC Global Communications
AIC Global Communications

AIC Global Communications

Devices: N/A
Coverage: AB, BC & ON
Monthly : $7.30 CAD

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February 6, 2017
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Submitted by: Robert (Burnaby , BC)
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Poor services

Claim internet speed 25 Mbps, No way, Internet speed is slow like a snail. Unstable connection.
Poor Voice IP phone connection, constantly noise and drops during phone conversation. Cipher TV app. is slow and unstable, screen freezes or lags. Tech. service is a joke. 99% always "Leave message after beep".

I hope you have a zero star if you have one.
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Setup Fee Long Distance Rates

Canada: FREE
USA: $0.01
Intl. Minutes:

AIC Global Communications inc. is a telecommunications company based in Vancouver, BC and established in 1992. They provide high-speed internet and VoIP services to Canada and China, with a stronger presence in the Chinese community. Focused on Vancouver and Burnaby, they also offer numbers in Calgary and Toronto and allow unlimited local calling between these cities, provided that you pick a number using that city's area codes.  

Our review finds that AIC advertises $7.30 per month, but to keep an existing number it will cost an additional $1/month bringing the monthly rate to $8.30/month. You are also required to prepay for 12 months and then have the option to renew for another 12 months or 3 months at a time. There is also a $10 set-up fee and a $60 deposit for the ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptors) to be mailed to you. If you decide to cancel their services within the first year, there is a fee of $30. AIC also offers an optional fax capability for a modest $3 extra.    

The highlight of this home VoIP service is its long-distance rate. For $0.01/minute you have access to 28 popular countries; this would be a very enticing offer if not for the limited first 200 minutes allocated for this rate. After the initial 200 minutes of long-distance calling, the rate will then be from $0.018/minute to China/Taiwan/USA/Canada, up to $0.85/minute to North Korea, and everything else in-between for various other countries throughout Asia/Europe/Middle-East. 

While the local-calling options are limited to British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, the rates for international calls are fairly decent even after the first 200 minutes of discounted calling time. When compared to our review of Phone Power, we find that AIC offers a competitive pay-per-use international-calling rate, but Phone Power has an unlimited international calling plan for $25.24/month with the first 60 minutes free. Between AIC and Phone Power, it really comes down to how heavy of a user you are of long-distance calling. The more economical option for light to moderate users would be AIC. 

As good as the international long-distance rates are, you may find better value elsewhere as not everyone requires set-up fees or equipment charges, but there's more to this plan than international calling. In addition to low rates, there is also an option to select a number with an area code from Vancouver, Burnaby, Edmonton, or Toronto. This allows you to call Toronto from Vancouver with a Toronto-based number, thus giving you unlimited local calling. However, any calls to Vancouver with that same number will incur long-distance charges. 

On the surface, AIC home telephone service appears to be a bargain at $7.30 per month. However, additional fees and deposits make this service comparable to other home phone VoIP services in the same category. There is also a 12-month contract and early cancellation fee, so it doesn't allow as much flexibility as other companies. They don't bring anything new to the table, but their customer service is convenient for those who prefer dealing in Chinese.  Their website and toll-free customer service number give the option of Chinese and English. They also offer services in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. So if you will handle a lot of calling between Canada and China, as well as enjoy low monthly rates (with limited local-calling options), then AIC might be a good service provider for you. 


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