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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$49.95 Shipping: $35 Other: $299 Yes

Download: 3Mbps

Upload: 512kbps

Cap: 20GB

Overage: $10/GB

Harewaves Wireless Inc. is an ISP with HQ is Eckville, Alberta. Harewaves provides wireless broadband internet in Alberta in the area in between Calgary and Edmonton. Their service area mainly focuses on the cities of Rocky Mountain House, Spruceview and Sylvan Lake. 
In our review of Harewaves, we will examine their wireless broadband plans, as well as the company’s fee structure, and we will compare it with Gonevoip’s top 3 ISP selections of Worldline, TekSavvy and Yak.
Harewaves regular internet subscription plan comes in at $49.95 per month ($52.45 with taxes).. In this package, you receive 20 GB of data usage per month during daytime hours, and between the hours of 11:00 pm to Noon you receive unlimited usage. Download speeds go up to 3 Mbps and 512 Kbps upload speeds. 
The off peak usage tactic is an updated old cell phone billing practice of allowing for instance “unlimited evenings 9 pm-7 am” except it starts at 11 pm and goes until noon. We feel this is a fair way for the company to attempt to control peak usage while still allowing the ability to generate unlimited usage for periods of time.
There is an installation fee of $299.00 ($313.95 with taxes). Installation fees do not include special construction costs, wiring, or other equipment that may be required. There is also a site survey charge of $35 plus mileage costs. Onsite support is billed at $50 per hour plus mileage costs. Static IPs run you an additional $15 per month.
Harewaves also has a premium package for $70.99 ($74.54 with taxes) which allows 60 GB of monthly data usage and unlimited usage between 11 pm to noon. Finally, there is a Supreme package which is $104.95 ($110.20 with taxes). This allows for 80 GB of data usage per month with download speeds of up to 6 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps. 
After reviewing their terms and conditions, there are no caps on the unlimited usage during the unlimited hours of 11pm - noon. But when we looked at Harewaves “Rural High Speed Facts” page, we found a statement that no company can offer true unlimited packages for less than $500 monthly. It also stated “To ensure a reasonable usage experience for everyone on a system, the service must be managed”.
This management of usage could apply to their limiting usage during peak hours or it could mean that during off-peak hours, even though it says unlimited, it may in fact be controlled. It can be a bad sign when the language is unclear and misleading. A little clarity would be appreciated.
Our review of Harewaves comes down to this. Their price point is a bit steep for the data usage allowed and the minimal speeds given, but they get major points for their unlimited data usage during non-peak hours of 11pm – noon

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