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ABC Communications
ABC Communications

ABC Communications

Cable, DSL, Dry-Loop & Dial-up

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$50 Shipping: $ Other: $ Yes

Download: 15 Mbps

Upload: 1 Mbps

Cap: 250 GB


ABC Communications is a family-owned business which they state is now BC’s largest privately held telecommunications solution provider. The company was established in 1989 and their HQ is in Quesnel, British Columbia. ABC only serves British Columbia.

ABC offers three types of the internet high-speed service: cable, wireless, and ADSL. They also provide telecommunications and web design services. The latter is instantly apparent when you arrive on their website, which has a beautiful design and is very easy to use and navigate.

ABC offers multiple plans and options for their ADSL service. They have five main packages including the Net Link 6, Net Link 15, Net Link 25, Net Link 50 and Net Link 100. Each one of these is available either with no contract, a one-year contract, a two-year contract, or a three-year contract. 

The Net Link 15 with no contract, or for one year term comes in at $50 and is their second most inexpensive option. It drops to $40 for the first 6 months if customers sign a two-year contract. This package allows you 250 GB per month of usage. It has downstream speeds at 15 Mbps and upstream speeds at 1 Mbps. You also receive 10 email accounts with webmail access.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Net Link 100 standard monthly rate comes in at $85 and is their most expensive option. Currently, there is no promotion listed, though you can expect the monthly rate to drop for the first few months. This package allows you 750 GB per month with a downstream speed at 100 Mbps and upstream speed at 20 Mbps. ABC does not offer unlimited usage options on any of their plans.

If you are signing up for a contract then you can lease the modem for free.  If you like to get the wired modem is $80, the WiFi modem is $100 or you may rent it for $5 per month.

Finally, ABC used to offer dial-up access but this was dropped due to the lack of demand and to favor DSL & Cable connections.

ABC seems to be a great company which is completely straight-forward with all of their costs and plan specifics. Having said that, their plans are a bit pricey for our tastes. At this time they do not even offer an unlimited service. When we compare their prices with Telus (of whom ABC is an authorized dealer), their prices are considerably more expensive, with ABC’s most expensive plan $10 more expensive with half the monthly data usage. Also when compared to Heronet for example, ABC is also more expensive, also consider Heronet plans are all unlimited. Despite liking their approach, ABC prices are simply too much for too little in the age of unlimited usage.

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November 5, 2016
Submitted by: Anthony Divjak (Beaverdell , BR)
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Months of promisses

November 5, 2016

This is what to expect from this ABC/ tellus ISP when on 1 year contract for Internet Service.

Residental basic package 42.95$$$$$$$$$

Downstreem 1.5 MB
Upstreem 512kbites

3 email accounts
I dynamic account available

Actual Speed of service:

Downstreeam 38kbites
Upstreeam : 17kbites

The plan I am on consists of 15GB for 42.95 and
for aditional $10.00 I get another 25GB
So for 40GB I am paying 59.31 with taxes.

But is not cost that is making me mad, its the connection speed, the trottling.
Download 38kbites
Upload 17kbites
and thats for nearly 8 months

Sure the website looks pretty. The self praise is aboundant, but there is notable absence of dates on articles. And no, I havent been able to find how to post comment on the ABC website and have no idea who all those glowing reviwes are from....

On the page there is constant talk of those fantastic high speeds they are providing for rural residents, well guess what, thats fiction the actuall speed is as posted above. If I could I would post the screen shot to prove it for all to see.

mad as ... in beaverdell
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5 persons found the following review useful
April 3, 2016
Submitted by: ken mcgregor (70 mile house , BR)
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too expensive, no unlimited plan, and watch their billing! wish we had some choice
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