Worst of 2015
Worst of 2015

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September 9, 2015
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Submitted by: Al (Toronto , ON)

How to recover your phone lines/numbers disconnected by Brama

Our small business has lost all phone lines for 3 weeks. The lines got disconnected by Brama w/o prior warning. No company succeeded to port the numbers, inc Bell. .

Reply from: Tony
September 10, 2015
I have the same problem, I was offered by Brama to switch to T-ONE Corporation,(I accepted because they were able to take over the credit balance I still had with Brama) and after two weeks since I submitted the porting form and a copy of my last bill with Brama, I was told by the new company, that they cannot port my number due to Brama cancellation of the numbers. How is this possible without any notice?
Please can anyone tell me what to do, because I want my number back. Thank you.

Reply from: Al
September 10, 2015
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Reply from: The Gonevoip Team
September 9, 2015
The way to port the number is similar in all cases, you need to have the last invoice from the provider you want to switch as proof of service, then complete the form for number porting with your new provider and your new provider will begin the processes for you. This works pretty much for everyone. Hope this helps you and all the others which may find themselves into the same situation.

The Gonevoip Team
June 9, 2015
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Submitted by: jahanzeb (toronto , ON)

cheap company

this company is too cheap. around 6 months ago i canceled my service due to poor single and bad sound. and now worst thing is i didn't get my security deposit..also i call many time about my refund. they try to make new story. so my advice is if someone wants this cheap company at home. think 100 time before. thank you
April 14, 2015
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Submitted by: Mike (Toronto , ON)

Good Choice!

Before Brama we tried some of the alternative new providers and were very disappointed. The signal was awful and the customer support even worse. We even considered going back to Bell... then a friend recommended Brama and now all of our problems are solved! Its cheap, reliable and its just good.
April 2, 2015
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Submitted by: Julie (Innisfil , ON)


Phone service constantly needing re booting. Caller id does not work both ways. Billing issues several times with zero response from customer service. Reps you can reach can do nothing for you. No one with authority is ever on shift and they do not return emails or phone messages.
March 29, 2015
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Submitted by: David (Vaughan , ON)

Not bad

Using their voip for a few month now, getting pretty match what i paid for. The customer support was bad but recently they made it better. Must have been relocated to Canada :)
March 7, 2015
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Submitted by: L. Gaboury (Victoria , BR)

Save Yourself From Grief... Don't Sign Up!!

Was with them for about 5 yrs. Service was good with no rate increase till end of 2014. Billed twice in Dec. Left 2 phone msgs. & 2 emails in Jan. but no response whatsoever. Billed twice in Jan., twice in Feb., and three times in Mar. Spoke to CSR (Sergei) end of Feb. but no refund. Finally called owner at home (Elie Hantsis) who promised a refund but we received email notice next day saying "we physically cannot issue refunds for all the customers". Called VISA, explained situation. They refunded 5 of the 9 charges (allowing Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. charges), closed my card to further access and are sending a new card. Thumbs down Brama Telecom and thumbs up VISA!
November 23, 2014
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Submitted by: Jean-Marc (Montreal , QU)

Very poor tech service access

Lost Internet on Thursday night, 7pm. Impossible to reach anyone from Brama. Tried the next day, you wait with their annoying music in the background for 15-20 minutes to be told the person is busy, leave your phone number and we will call back. But they dont call back. I got to speak with tech support on Sa ... ay- to be told it was Bell's phone line problem. Ok... Get a call from Bell, next technician available on Tuesday PM. Ok, Bell comes, it turns out is Brama's modem that is defective. Try to call Brama - usual scenario - even spoke with sales rep who sais tech would call back - No sir. Got a laconic call - no apologies- Wednesday saying they would send me a new modem. It is the following Sa ... ay, I am still waiting... In the meantime, I did make arrangements with a new supplier with 24-7 tech support.
November 7, 2014
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Submitted by: Eunice (BRAMPTON , ON)


I have done so many services over the years with so many companies, really some companies don't need an ad for their business, just word of mouth from the customers that they have provided services for does it for them, this is called good reputations.

On the 30th of September, I was looking for Telephone line service provider on the web, (without making a search review about this company, I contacted them; my mistake. So, I called to inquire about their services. I never knew I was contacting the devils' kingdom.
The sale person that I spoke to, told me about the terms of the service that I will need to pay for the model up front in the amount of $39.99 plus shipping and taxes, it all come to $52.12. I was also told that it will usually take approximately 5 days to get the model in the mail, that I should be expecting the parcel in the mail by the following week. Since September 30th till mid-October. I didnt receive the parcel from them; I decided to follow up with calls, emails. They hardly pick and when someone picks up, I was told that someone will be contacting me before the end of day. But no one ever did. I had left several messages on their website through ??Submit your request??, on their phone lines several times and via email, no one ever returned call. Having left several messages, I managed to get one of the customer representatives, the same statement that I kept getting from them was that someone will be in touch with me before the end of day but no one ever did. What a Company? I had to call them to cancel the order; I left several messages on their phone lines, web site, and via email that I was no longer interested in their service that I needed my money back from them. A week later after my cancellation, I was told by them that they mailed out the parcel on the 16th of October. While I was waiting for my refund, I got an alert from my credit card for a purchase of $13.71 from BRAMA TELECOM. They charged my account again and sent a receipt for a purchase that I never placed. It is only a thief who stumbled into another persons credit card that can keep charging the credit for a service that was never ordered and that was never provided. It's been over 5 long weeks. I am yet to receive back my money. A total charge to my credit card was $65.83. The fact that my credit card was used on their web site does not give BRAMA TELECOM the right to keep charging it. The amount may look little but, I will not stop circulating your fraudulent activities to all possible sites until I get my refund in the Mail.
No one does Business like that, I am a business person myself, I will never treat a potential customer the way BRAMA TELECOM treated me and many others. Customer can build your business and customer can destroy your business, you have chosen the hard way, I will see the end of this game.

Reply from: Doug
March 8, 2015
Am having similar difficulties. Have gotten 2 extra billings, a vague apology letter saying they cannot physically issue refunds for all customers. Then 3 days latter another bill. Called their customer service. The service guy could not do anything about it but advised my payments would cover the next three months. Told him this was not acceptable and to credit my mastercard. Said he would advise me by email the following on what they would do.
September 6, 2014
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Submitted by: Mary (Toronto , ON)

Worst business ever

don't understand why this company is still in business as they have the worst business practice you can ever think of. no one in the company is responsible for providing a service to their customers. this company should not exist in this kind of business. you never get what they promise at the time of signing up. they are not willing to help to resolve any ongoing issues. they will bill you without giving any services. their internet speed is very slow as they are not giving you the speed they promised. t.v service terrible. technical support people don't even know how to fix any problems. when internet is not working t.v and phone are not working either. since everything is going thru internet and that is slow nothing works..they never respond to your phone calls. the complaint list goes on and on....
July 25, 2014
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Submitted by: winnie puddicombe (pickering , ON)

scammers of the first water

my dear friend signed up for their services at the start of the year.She still has no service -they are still taking their money.She recently moved fom Richmond Hill to Pickering.The nightmare of trying to get service continues.She has no phone ,tv,or internet service.They gave the Bell technician a hard time while he tried to set up preliminary service at her new apt.Still no service.When she tries to cancel service she is told she has a year contract she can't get out of.They won't uphold their ed of the contract.I am sending this on her behalf as she has no internet.Oh by the way -they use Bell equipment ,they just put black tape over Bell's name.!!Don't let this happen to you.They keep promising help but they don't know what help is.Pass this on to everyone you know.
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Intl. Minutes:

Brama Telecom was a Canadian ISP company HQ in Concord, Ontario. Beyond VoIP, Brama Telecom resells or provides IPTV, Internet, and Long Distance.  As always happen with ISPs expanding services there is the potential to bundle services; in which way Brama Telecom claimed there were significant savings. 

Brama Telecom had offered an unlimited Home Phone Canada Package and the standard combination of VoIP features put's them on the high standard bracket. When GoneVoIP did Brama Telecom Home Phone review, we found VoIP standard features include voicemail to email, hunt group, Caller ID and call forwarding to name a few. Though does not offers integration with smartphone app nor support for BYOD. Shall be noted the most basic plan does have 250 minutes of calling to US numbers. The unlimited calling plan was regulated by Brama Telecom Fair Use Policy, which allocates 4700 minutes (78.33-hours) per month.  Brama Telecom had never offered a Business Phone service, missing the growing Business segment market.

You also had international phone numbers available as an add-on in over 50 countries.  Brama Telecom Long Distance rates were typically better than those of the traditional telecom carriers, but not as good as GoneVoIP Long Distance providers as a quick comparison of calls to India at the time showed Brama Telecom was at $0.025 and Rebtel was at $0.015.  

Brama Telecom had gained a few reviews on GonevoIP and the opinion was fairly negative with 82% negative reviews. Some few customers thought the service was good and were content enough, others were and are very vocal about the dislike. Customers who were satisfied rate all the categories highly, those who were or are disappointed seem to have the biggest gripes about odd invoicing, quality of the services rendered and customer service often cited as either absent or rude.

If you have experience with this provider then please complete a GoneVoIP review form to add your ratings and comments using the links on this page. The BBB had removed the accreditation to Brama Telecom from their Directory. Also, other Partners, such as VMedia had stopped working with Brama due to outstanding owing balances. Also, note on July 31, 2015, the CCTS (Canadian Commissioner for Complaints about Telecom Services) released a notice denouncing that Brama was in breach of obligations to customers and to CCTS. You can read the CCTS circular here

As often happens when providers cease operations subscribers were left stranded. But not to panic; as there are ways out. As usual, GoneVoIP helped those in need to chose a reputable provider for Canada's Home Phone and request the transfer of your existing phone number. Majority of the providers nowadays can complete the transfer for free. In general, the transfer is completed within 10-business days.

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