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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$35.95 Shipping: $ Other: $ No

Download: 5

Upload: 1Mbps

Cap: 10GB

Overage: $4.50/GB

Videotron was founded back in 1964 under the name Télécâble Vidéotron ltée by André Chagnon.  It started off with humble beginnings having a subscriber base of only 66 customers during that time.
Shortly after they began expanding and acquiring numerous companies and businesses, Videotron started their endeavours in the telecommunications world. Today Videotron is a leader in telecommunications having created over thousands of jobs, and provided quality VoIP, TV and internet services. Videotron’s headquarters can be found at 612 rue Saint-Jacques Montréal (Québec), H3C 4M8 Canada. 
Videotron offers a variety of fibre internet plans; our focus is to review their basic fibre plan which they call the internet fibre 5. This plan allows users to attain download speeds up to 5 mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 mbps. This plan has a meager usage limit of only 10 GBs. To put this into perspective, you can consistently stream Youtube videos for around 15 days before this limit expires and only if you are a user who seldom does online streaming. This plan costs a total of $35.95 if you opt into adding another service such as TV into this purchase; otherwise the standalone internet connection costs a staggering $45.95 per month! The pricing on this plan is absurdly high without offering much of anything. SkyChoice offers a 6 mbps DSL connection with a limit of 150 GBs for a paltry $24.99. Yak offers a 6 mbps DSL connection with a limit of 60 GBs for $29.99. 
Furthermore the overage charges that Videotron implements are by far the most expensive of any service provider we have seen thus far. With a mindboggling $4.50 per GB overage charge, Videotron has broken all records. There are two specific tactics at play here; first off Videotron wants users to opt into purchasing numerous services by reducing the cost of one service; this is a typical upselling tactic used by many companies. Furthermore, Videotron provided such a miniscule limit so that users who do not read the fine print of overage charges will succumb to substantially larger bills then they had anticipated. 
All in all Videotron is way too expensive to give much consideration too. Their services are not up to par with the money they are asking for. The bandwidth limit is ridiculously low, and there is no unlimited time usage offered either. The monthly bill for someone who opts into this plan can reach up to a staggering $125.95 if they are not aware of the overage charges that Videotron is enforcing!

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