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Monthly : $40 CAD

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March 28, 2022
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Submitted by: Ravinder Kaur Bains (Surrey , BR)
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Great customer service!!
It was Dawn who helped me. So informative, focused and quick she was. I am a happy customer at Telus.
March 7, 2020
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We are moving, I placed the call because on their website it says that we can have our services transferred over to out new home. Well when I called they tell me that their website was wrong and that they would follow up with no later then 48 hours from the call which...
March 7, 2020
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We had the 2 years agreement with Telus, and as per our contract, we supposed to pay certain monthly fee, after a year, we noticed that they take almost $40 more than what we have in the contract. We called the customer service, we got transferred to 3 different people until finally we got to the one who should explained what happened. I_m so sorry to say she way rude, her explanation was "OBVIOUSLY we can_t grantee same price for 2 years"?!! so why we have the 2 years contract!!! i don_t understand. when I asked her why i stay with you 2 years, she replied "Because you are happy with the service"!!!! what is that? really? I_m happy with the service, so you increase the fee without any notification and when i ask you reply OBVIOUSLY you can_t grantee the price!!! Worst reply from a customer service representative that supposes to represent a big company. We Cancelled of course and we_re now with Shaw.
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Download: 15 Mbps

Upload: 1Mbps

Telus Home Internet offers a reliable and feature-rich internet service designed to meet the connectivity needs of Canadian households. As one of the leading telecommunications providers in Canada, Telus has built a reputation for its high-speed internet offerings and exceptional customer service.

Internet Plans and Speeds

Telus offers a variety of internet plans to suit different usage requirements. From basic plans suitable for everyday browsing and email to high-performance plans perfect for streaming, online gaming, and working from home, customers have the flexibility to choose the one that best fits their needs. Telus Home Internet plans come with a range of speeds, including fast DSL and fiber-optic options, delivering seamless internet experiences.

Fiber Optic Technology

One of the standout features of Telus Home Internet is its utilization of advanced fiber-optic technology. Telus PureFibre, the company's fiber-optic network, delivers ultra-fast and reliable internet directly to homes. This technology ensures low latency, minimal signal loss, and consistent high-speed performance, even during peak hours. Customers on Telus PureFibre plans can enjoy lightning-fast download and upload speeds, making it ideal for data-intensive tasks and multiple connected devices.

Wide Coverage

Telus has a broad network coverage that extends to many urban and suburban areas across Canada. The availability of both DSL and fiber-optic services allows Telus to serve a large portion of the population, making it accessible to numerous households.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Telus Home Internet provides customers with advanced Wi-Fi equipment to ensure a strong and reliable signal throughout the home. Whether customers are streaming videos in the living room or working from a home office, Telus Wi-Fi keeps them connected to the things that matter most. With the Telus Wi-Fi Hub, customers can manage their network easily, set parental controls, and prioritize devices for a seamless online experience.

Security and Protection

Telus understands the importance of online security, and as such, they offer various security features to protect customers from online threats. Telus Internet Security services provide real-time protection against malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. Additionally, customers can take advantage of the Telus Family Protect feature to manage internet access and protect children from inappropriate content.

Customer Support

Telus is committed to delivering excellent customer support. Customers can access assistance through multiple channels, including phone support, online chat, and the My Telus app. Telus aims to provide quick and effective resolutions to any technical issues or inquiries customers may have.

Flexibility and Customization

Recognizing that each household has unique requirements, Telus Home Internet offers flexible plans and options for customers to customize their internet service according to their preferences. Whether customers need additional speed, data, or extra features, Telus strives to accommodate their individual needs.

In conclusion, Telus Home Internet is a reliable and high-performance internet service that caters to the diverse needs of Canadian households. With advanced fiber-optic technology, wide network coverage, and a range of internet plans, Telus is a strong contender for those seeking fast and dependable internet connectivity. Coupled with its commitment to customer support and online security, Telus Home Internet stands out as a top choice for many Canadians looking for a seamless online experience.


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