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ABS Inc.
ABS Inc.

ABS Inc.

Website: www.abs-i.net
Services: Wireless, Wi-Fi
Availability: SK
Monthly Price: $69 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$69 Shipping: $ Other: $99.88 Yes

Download: 2 Mbps

Upload: 1 Mbps

Cap: 15 GB


ABS (Advanced Broadband Services Inc.) is a telecommunications provider. Their HQ is in Prince Albert, SK. Their coverage area is limited to Prince Albert and surrounding area.

ABS offers four options for internet, all of which utilize full duplex wireless technology. The least expensive plan is $69.99 with no contract. There is also an activation fee of $149.88. If you sign up to a one-year contract, the price of the plan drops to $42.99 and the activation fee drops to $99.88.

The plan, known as Option A, will allow you a 15 GB usage per month.  You also receive 3 emails with 300 MB of storage. With a download of 2 Mbps and upload of up to 1 Mbps.

ABS also offers an unlimited internet plan which is $99 per month with no contract (plus an additional activation fee of $149.88). With a one-year contract, the price drops to $82.99 per month (with a $99.88 activation fee). Though the speed in the unlimited option drops, as it is download 1 Mbps and upload of 0.8 Mbps.

The company states that their speeds are dramatically quicker than the two other main services available in the Price Albert area: satellite internet and dial-up internet. Their chart shows that even with their cheapest plan, it is still 300% quicker than satellite internet.

Beyond that, there is very little information provided on the Advanced Broadband Services website. Their 20 MB cap seems awfully low for the price. Companies like SkyVelocity.ca offer unlimited internet service for $29.99 in the Prince Albert area (albeit at much lower speeds of 512 kbps). TekSaavy meanwhile offers dial-up service with unlimited hours and unlimited bandwidth for $16.99 per month.

What it comes down to is if you live in the Prince Albert area and speed is a high priority for you, then

Advanced Broadband Service’s packages may be a company of interest for you. If you plan to actively use the internet for downloading HD movies constantly, or anything else that requires high data transfer, then their unlimited plan seems to be the top plan available. The question becomes “Is high speed 1 Mbps and is it worth the extra monthly costs?” If it is, then ABS may be worth looking further into. 

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