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Intelecom Solutions Business Voice Services

Intelecom Solutions is a traditional Canadian telecom provider that was established in 2001. Headquartered in Toronto it provides a variety of classic voice and data services including VoIP lines with a domestic and international base of clients. 

What does Intelecom offer?

Unlimited Internet is offered over fiber, cable, DSL, E10 or OC3 when bandwidth requirements are substantial. Data transports include a Private Line Service, Business IP (MPLS), Transparent LAN, ATM, Frame-Relay and ISDN.  Services include WAN design with international reach via partnerships using a variety of NNI interface types.  Data services also include an Email to Fax Service with an accompanying portal for self-service management.

Voice business services at Intelecom Solutions include VoIP lines, Hosted PBX, Centrex, and SIP Trunking. Over the voice, the fabric is Long Distance, Calling Cards, Toll-Free services including International Toll-Free.

Since 2006 Apple, Samsung and Blackberry cellular phones have been packaged for business users that include several base features and up to 5 GB of data monthly.

The Intelecom business has expanded to include some internet perimeter security as well as physical security for your premises. Video security cameras outside and throughout your buildings will give you a constant view of operations in the office and into the server room.  ‘Access Control’ can also be layered on top of the video to permit or deny entry based on credentials provided. Access Control and Intrusion Protection security events are stored in a log for management’s examination.

Installation Services are offered on all business services including structured cabling solutions.

Unique Features

All products are supported by in-house installation services and often packaged in a ‘Retail Roll-Out Program’. Wrapped in Professional Services the small or medium business can outsource the entire project of installing similar offices or stores to Intelecom Solutions. 

This may include working on-site surveys, construction planning and Project Management of the onsite staff with delivered training.

Pros and Cons

The ‘Retail Roll-Out Program’ is particularly attractive to some organizations without the knowledge or technical project management resources in-house. The service will result in uniform quality and documentation for a series of connected stores (or office locations) down to the LAN rack, cameras, video displays, and other managed devices. Intelecom Solutions has international connections and partnership agreements that the buyer can leverage to reach remote branches, customers and suppliers.

Today several legacy data and voice services are supported. The Intelecom business portfolio could move beyond a Hosted PBX as a voice flagship product and grow towards an economical cloud-based Business Phone platform with complementary integrated business services.

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