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Website: www.295.ca
Services: Dial-up, DSL
Availability: AB, BC, MB, ON & QC
Monthly Price: $2.95 CAD

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December 19, 2017
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Submitted by: gvrvwimpbot ( Hamilton , ON)

Review from Canadianisp.ca

Fibernetics, 295.ca and Worldline.ca
are all the same company with Headquarters based in Cambridge Ontario Canada.
Multiple calls to all high executives have told me that their company is NOT able to provide 10 Meg DL and 1 Meg UL speeds even though I am within the Metro of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8W1C3
December 27, 2012
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Submitted by: gvrvwimpbot ( Richmond hill , ON)

Review from Canadianisp.ca

20G bandwidth is not serious taking in consideration nowadays streaming media and the abundance of smart TVs.
March 22, 2012
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Submitted by: gvrvwimpbot ( , )

Review from Canadianisp.ca

been with ca.inter.net fro ~12 years as it has been passed around from owner to owner. Recently becoming part of 295.com. Since this latest turnover been having random DNS and routing issues which have now become unacceptable. Ticket opened, let_s see how they do.
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Download: 56kbit/s

Upload: 33.6kbit/s



295.ca is an internet provider with HQ in Waterloo, Ontario. Or is it Cambridge? Therein lies the problem with 295.ca. They claim one thing on one part of their website and contradict it entirely somewhere else on the website.  So in their FAQ section, they state they are headquartered in Waterloo. But then in their “About Us” page, they state that their corporate address is in Cambridge. Though we can add to clarify here, 295 is part of Fibernetics Corp. which also owns and operates Worldline, Fongo, FreephoneLine, and NEWT. Fibernetics head office is in Cambridge, Ontario.

295.ca services Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, BC, and Alberta. The 295 website states they serve about 60,000 Canadians. But it is not immediately clear if that is among all companies of the Fibernetics group. It just sounds odd in this time and age dial-up is still a method used. However, there may be places where there is no better access. 295 have been around since August 2003. The name 295.ca is derived from the $2.95 price they charge for basic dial-up unlimited internet service. Fifteen years later and the name nor the price hasn't changed.

Their basic package for dial-up comes in at $3.16 per month with taxes. There is also a one-time enrollment fee of $10.00. They also ask for the “first” and “last” month’s payment upon signing up. They do waive the dry-loop fee. If you don’t have internet service, they say they can get you online in 10 minutes just by calling, provided you have a modem. You can cancel at any time. Their dial-up service is only recommended for analog voice lines and not VOIP lines. They offer different tiers of dial-up service beyond the regular. These include Silver, Gold and Turbo and are slightly more expensive.

As with most unlimited plans, this usage is capped at some point although an exact number is not given in the terms and conditions. “295.ca reserves the right to immediately suspend, terminate or modify the Service if 295.ca determines in its sole discretion, that Your service is being misused, including, without limitation, use for non-residential or commercial purposes and usage exceeding conventional residential use.” However, in their FAQ they say “We do not disconnect users.”

All shipping costs of equipment are all transferred to the customer at $20 per package, according to the terms and conditions. One bonus is if your credit is not up to par, you can sign up for the yearly plan and pay by certified cheque or money order.

Gonevoip finds 295.ca website to be of poor quality in both its design and its writing. For dial-up, there are two plans available all at low, the regular at $2.95 per month or the Turbo and at $5.90.

Finally, 295.ca also offers unlimited cable internet service. But when we actually click on the link we are now diverted to a completely different website called worldline.ca. Worldine.ca is also a division of Fibernetics. They have two cable options. The first is $54.95 with up to 30 Mbps and the second is $69.95 with up to 60 Mbps.

Overall, it is very hard to determine what is what with 295.ca because they have different sections of their website with different claims. We also find promotional prices which only last for 3 months.

With all that said, if for whatever reason you are looking for dial-up internet, then 295.ca may be worth considering. Though keep in mind you may get flooded by marketing from parent companies from the Fibernetics group. 

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I wish to cancel my 295 account. This month is paid for and my new computer is not compatible. My old email is dkeir@295.ca. Thanks for your service.

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