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Oye Mobile
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Oye Mobile

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Oye Mobile is a telecommunications provider with headquarters in Mississauga, Canada.

In our review of Oye Mobile, we will take a look at the long-distance options of Oye Mobile and see how they compare with other phone providers including GoneVoip’s top three long distance providers.

Oye Mobile has a simplistic website with a rather limited amount of information to go with beyond the rates for each country.

The company’s tagline is that they allow customers to make cheap prepaid international calls with high-quality connections.

The four features they do this through are pin-less international calls, balances which do not expire, no hidden charges or fees and excellent voice quality.

When you go to the ‘Rates’ section of the website, you are given the option of prepaying anywhere between $5 - $20. One cool feature is that when you choose the country that you want to call, it shows you exactly how many minutes you will get for the different options of each country.

For example, when you select Trinidad and Tobago under the ‘International Calling’ tab, you get the rate for mobile, mobile – Digicel, TSTT and proper. Further, you can update the amount to $2, $5, $10 or $20. There is also an additional tab called ‘Mobile Topup’

International calling, international mobile recharge, domestic wireless top-ups and a free mobile app are all features of this company.

In our review of Oye Mobile, we are disappointed at the lack of transparency on their website. Very little is shown with regards to the rates or explained how this company works out leftover minutes.

For what it is worth, we stopped by the Google Play Store to look at the app itself, and we couldn’t help but notice that every review had a one-star rating and began with the phrase “Worst App Ever”.

As for the rates, Canada’s nationwide rate is $0.30 per minute. while the USA’s nationwide rate is $0.40 per minute. Calling London, UK is $0.70, while calling India is $1.70 per minute. Calling Baghdad, Iraq meanwhile is a whopping $15.80 per minute.

In our review of Oye Mobile, we neither liked nor disliked this company. There are some things to like such as the website rate finder and balances not expiring, but there is also plenty not to like such as lack of information and transparency. Some of their rates are reasonable but we suggest you look into some of GoneVoip’s Top Long Distance providers such as NobleCom.

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June 23, 2017
Submitted by: Samir (Calgary , AL)
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Just a FRAUD service provider

I recharged with $ 10 in May and got 1.2 cent / min but in June , just in 1-2 days they revised tariff to 2.60 vent / mins and thus deducted my approx 400 mins. This is a sheer case of fraud. Tomorrow if they increase the rate again then again they will deduct mins. This is a fraud company. Don't buy it's recharge
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