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Yes Telecom Corporation
Yes Telecom Corporation

Yes Telecom Corporation

Coverage: ON
Monthly : $29.95 CAD

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Yes Telecom Corporation is a telecommunications provider. Their headquarters are located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. They also offer both residential and business VOIP services, as well as long-distance services and phone hardware.

In our review of Yes Telecom, we will take a look at their residential VOIP services and see how it stacks up against GoneVoip’s top choices for residential VOIP telecommunication providers in Canada.

Yes Telecom offers three main residential VOIP plans. They are location-based breakdowns, with a provincial, national and North America plan included.

  • The Provincial plan comes in at $19.95 per month and as the name suggests, it features unlimited provincial-wide calling. International calls are also unlimited with any other Yes-Telecom customer. Basic voicemail, speed-dial memory, caller ID block, 911 service and “My Account” web access.
  • The National plan comes in at $24.95 per month and offers unlimited Canada-wide calling, as well as many of the same features listed above although the voicemail is updated to enhanced voicemail. Additional features include the do not disturb option,.3-way calling, call forwarding, both regular and visual call waiting and caller ID with name.
  • The North America plan comes in at $29.95 per month and features unlimited Canada-wide calling, and what they term as “discounted long-distance rates” and their full package of enhanced features which is exactly the same as the national plan except for the unexplained discounted long-distance rates.

In GoneVoIP's review of Yes Telecom’s residential VoIP Home Phone, they are a little more explanatory on their services and fees than with their long-distance rate service. Unfortunately, they don’t list any information about costs to sign up or any equipment charges associated with signing up with Yes Telecom. Their features are all fairly standard so we suggest if you are going to consider them, you should find out about additional fees and costs. Based on the terms and conditions, we can gather that the equipment is rented to you and you cannot own; however, there is no list of what the cost is. Is there a contract? If so, how long? Why do companies like this insist on being not transparent?

For that reason, we suggest customers look elsewhere. There is no shortage of companies that are fully transparent on all costs, fees, and terms. Yes Telecom is, unfortunately, a No. Not one of the companies we can suggest. Look towards Yak, 1-VoIP, or VoIP Much or Phone Power as much better residential VoIP Home Phone options.


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