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Level1 Telecom
Level1 Telecom

Level1 Telecom

Website: www.level1telecom.com
Devices: Android & iPhone
Coverage: AB, BC, MB, NB, NF,ON, PEI, QC & SK
Monthly : $19.99 CAD

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March 27, 2022
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Submitted by: Charlie sands (Ottawa , ON)
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Great company

Signed up with this company based on a recommendation, checked out a few companies this company stands behind its product. Excellent customer service .
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Level1telecom offers hosted PBX solutions. But in another line is a company that has been shrouded in mystery. Upon consistent requests for information, we were provided with nothing more than a Canadian telephone number to reach a sales representative. Upon conversing with this representative we were strictly told that everything we are allowed to share with customers is already on the website. We were deeply disappointed to find a lack of history or headquarters location for level1telecom.

Level1Telecom offers an enterprise plan which costs $19.99 per month per user. They also offer a fourteen-day free trial for interested customers. This shows us that they are willing to offer their services free of charge to gain the trust and loyalty of customers. Not many service providers are too keen on offering free services.  However, if we were to compare the rates of this plan with RingCentral who also offers a business solutions plan for $19.99 per month we would find that Level1telecom certainly knows how to generate competitive pricing. 

After having talked to a representative we learned that smartphone integration is available with level1telecom which is a great asset to work with for any business owner. Android and IOS were the only two supported platforms, but they are also the most common ones. No mention was made of a fax service when I was chatting with the representative, and upon asking about it, I was told if it’s not on the website, it is not available in our service. This begged me to ask why smartphone integration is available in your service without being mentioned on the website!

Level1telecom was very adamant to proclaim that they do not cater to long-distance services. This is a great upset considering many business owners work across a global platform, and without international calling, level1telecom will be targeting a very small client base. 

Level1telecom also does not provide free standard phones to business owners, however, they insist that one should buy Polycom devices from them that range from $150 - $250 apiece! The reason they offered behind this was that we provide great service, and if a customer does not have the hardware to support this service it would be useless; a great method used by many to upsell.

All in all, level1telecom is just way too closed off from the world to gain any real credibility. They need to provide more information either on their website or through a brochure so that a customer knows what they are getting themselves into. The pricing does seem very fair, and the 14-day free trial is certainly a great way to put them to the test!


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