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Yes Telecom Corporation is a telecommunications provider with headquarters in Richmond Hill, Ontario. They also offer business and residential VOIP services and phone hardware.

In our review of Yes Telecom, we will take a look at their long distance service and see how it stacks up against GoneVoip’s top choices for long distance telecommunication providers in Canada.

Yes Telecom state they offer unlimited choices of preferred long distance rates; however, they only actually state five countries. Israel rates start at 1.5 cents per minute. Russia comes in at 2 cents per minute. Pakistan is 2.4 cents per minute while India is 3 cents per minute. The USA is 0.08 cents per minute. The link which is supposed to tell you the rates of other countries actually just takes you to a contact form which you are meant to fill out to find out the other rates.

The only other place where any information is gleaned is in the terms and conditions. Their other fees are mentioned: “system access fee(s), monthly service charges, any restoral fees, airtime, data transfer fees, long distance fees, fees incurred in the course of Provisioning Services, and any other charges incurred in using Your Services, regardless of who used the Services.”

In our review of Yes Telecom, we are very disappointed in the company’s lack of transparency.

Unfortunately, beyond this limited information, the company website offers little to nothing else. We are always wary of companies who offer so little information about the services they offer.

Further to that thought, their rates are on barely on par if not more expensive than other GoneVoip recommended long-distance companies such as Rebtel and OneSuite.

While we always encourage anyone considering signing on with a company which is not transparent on the services and fees they offer to call and asks questions before agreeing to anything, with Yes Telecom we cannot even do that.

The lack of information is staggering and almost unprecedented, even for telecommunications companies which often list very little or manipulate their wording to make it sound like one thing but it actually is another. There are other fees but none are listed. They have a long distance to numerous countries but only the rates of five of them are listed.

Based on all of this, until Yes Telecom updates their website is up-to-date and full disclosure, we would suggest looking elsewhere for your long distance services.

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