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Vmedia is a telecommunications company that offers services on a very broad spectrum. From the internet, home phones and TV service, Vmedia offers everything under broadcast media! The company was founded in 2013 which makes it relatively new in the telecommunications industry.

Vmedia’s headquarters can be found at 5255 Yonge Street - Suite #1210 Toronto, Ontario M2N 6P4 Canada.

Having started only in Ontario, Vmedia started expanding in 2014 across other Canadian provinces! It is one of the few alternatives to a triple play service (TV, Telephone, and internet), which means it has a smaller competition base.

Vmedia offers a great Unlimited Canada plan which costs $14.95 a month. This plan comes with an abundant list of features and perks that add to its appeal. The Unlimited Canada plan also excludes three territories of Canada; Nunavut, Yukon and North West territory from its coverage of this plan. Upon reviewing the fair usage policy of Vmedia we learned that Vmedia can decide to terminate service if there is “excessive usage”, however no limit or amount was provided to define excessive usage. If we were to compare this plan to PhonePower’s USA/CANADA unlimited plan which is offered at $5.99 per month on average, we can certainly see a great discrepancy in costs! Vmedias plan only covers Canada while PhonePower covers the entirety of North America at a much lower cost! 

VMedia’s international calling rates, however, may be able to redeem them from the fact that their service is rather expensive. The international calling rate provided by VMedia for calling India is $0.024 per minute, which is a rather reasonable price. If we were to compare this to the international calling rates of Yak which offers to call to India at 11.5 cents a minute we would discover that VMedia’s rates are far cheaper! 

A few important features that other providers give to clients were not noticeable in this plans feature list. For example, there was no mention of a fax to email service, which is rather surprising due to the fact that an enhanced voicemail service is prevalent with this plan. Furthermore, there has been no mention of a smart or desktop app incorporated with the Vmedia service! Having said that we can certainly deduce that the money a client has to pay for this plan may be more then what they would be paying to another provider while getting more features!

Even though Vmedia is a young company, their endeavors are certainly commendable, however, if they want to compete in this industry they will need to revamp their pricing plans and perhaps add a bigger bang for the customer’s buck!

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Maple Leaf Rating

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