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Monthly Price: $56.95 CAD

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Contract Speed Monthly Usage
$$56.95 Shipping: $ Other: $ No

Download: 3 MBPS

Upload: Not Mentioned

Cap: 50 GB

Overage: $2.00/GB

QuickStream specializes in providing wireless internet solutions across Manitoba. Wireless internet requires sophisticate machinery, and is typically more expensive than cable or DSL internet. It is best used in places where it is hard to get a cable or phone line running. Quickstream boasts for good reason that they don’t offer any of their services on a contractual agreement, going as far as to say that other ISP’s mandate long term contracts and that is a practice they do not indulge in. Let us now however indulge ourselves with a review of Quickstream’s bread and better wireless internet plans to better understand their commitment to the game!

Quickstream offers a wireless connection plan they call the OS-Stream which comes with a bandwidth cap of 50 gigabytes per month. This connection has download speeds of up to 3 MBPS, and comes with a price tag of $56.95 per month. In terms of wireless connections this happens to be pretty fair price, once you consider the upkeep and cost of equipment required to keep a wireless infrastructure moving along. If we compare Quickstreams internet plan to that of Last Mile Wireless, which offers a 2.5 MBPS download plan with unlimited usage for $49.99 per month, we can see that the services are pretty much the same in regards to the difference of speeds and bandwidth.

Quickstream overage charges are something that can be worked upon, however – even for a wireless connection a $2.00 per GB overage charge is pretty expensive. They accommodate this spiked price by providing customers with add-ons: 50 GBs for $34.95 or 100 GBs for $59.95. Without an add-on, the customer would have to pay $100 per extra 50 GBs used. Thus we find it more appropriate that Quickstream scraps their add-ons and implement overage charges based on what they’re charging for the add-ons. Quickstream also boasts that they don’t offer “burst” connections meaning that the initial moment you start a download it starts at very high speeds giving you a false sense of security because as you walk away that speed dwindles down to something lower than what you had expected. The consistency they boast is much appreciated.

Quickstream does have a very compelling plan in terms of the pricing and services they offer. It can, however, be worked upon in terms of the overage charges and bandwidth limitations being set on the users. Apart from that Quickstream has made themselves a formula for success!

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