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November 20, 2018
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Submitted by: Michael (Toronto , ON)
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Stay away from Acanac

Have been with Acanac since 2008 and beared their incompetencies. It is just un bearable anymore. They cancelled my voip which cost $10+ tax without my consent, and then forced to pay $20+ tax for the exact same service!

I wonder what kind of ethics and business practice they adhere to! A lot of my referrals are leaving Acanac too!
July 6, 2018
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Submitted by: Tahir Alam (Brampton , ON)
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They billed my credit card twice in 5 days and no service so I returned the modem. They refused to refund my money.
January 1, 2017
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Submitted by: Dejana Nikolic (toronto , ON)
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Very poor customer service...lack of knowledge and communication skills by both the technicians and customer service representative's and management. Super disappointed ...try another....any other provider. ....stay away!

Reply from: The Acanac Team
January 3, 2017
Hi Dejana,

We'd like to take another look at your concern. Can you provide us with an appropriate e-mail to reach you?

The Acanac Team
June 12, 2015
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Submitted by: yve (Gatineau , QU)

Garbage ISP

I cringed every time I had to contact them, and it was often, at least weekly where the internet would drop, their modems would fail, the service would lag...and they never had a decent fix for it, always reboot etc...
When I went to cancel, they held my money hostage until I agreed by email to pay a termination fee. They ignored numerous emails, and spoke rudely to me on the phone. Avoid them like the plague!
February 9, 2014
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Submitted by: dave (toronto , ON)

best service in town $9.95

the service is $9,95 for 1 year been using it for 5 years no problems at all.
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$20 $49 $10

Canada: FREE
Intl. Minutes: 0

Acanac is a Canadian ISP part of the Distributel Group, HQ in Mississauga, ON. Acanac offers Home Phone and has some of the traditional VoIP features, such as:

  • caller ID
  • call forwarding.  
  • Voicemail

Though Acanac Home Phone does not support BYOD nor offer smartphone or desktop app integration, things that nowadays are becoming standard. The ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) is provided by Acanac; costing $49 plus $10 in shipping. Acanac plans have to be pre-paid for the year to get the better rate. Acanac Home Phone comes in 3 plans:

  1. Local Calling at $10 per month
  2. Canada Calling at $15 per month
  3. North America Calling at $20 per month

If you combine Internet and Home Phone then you'll get the Basic Home phone for Free. We would typically not recommend such a setup as a one single outage may knock-off both services - in general Gonevoip recommends having one provider for internet and another for VoIP phone service. Thus an issue in one doesn't become a common issue and one could switch either without major impact shall the services be unsatisfactory.

International Long Distance calling rates with Acanac Phone Service are far better than those of the traditional telecom, but you still may want to look at our Long Distance Providers for better rates; for example, India Landline with Acanac is at $0.28 per minute and NobleCom is at $0.015.  Gonevoip believes there are richer features and far better rates will be properly served by other VoIP Home Phone providers such as Phone Power (cheaper and more advanced features for free and free international monthly calling allowance) or VoIP Much (also cheaper than Acanac's plan plus contract-less). 

Maple Leaf Features

Call Blocking Checkmark
Conference Calling Checkmark
BYOD: Checkmark
Smartphone App: Checkmark
Call Forwarding Checkmark
Call Hold Checkmark
Caller ID Name: Checkmark
Enhanced VoiceMail: Checkmark
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