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Boss Revolution is a long distance call service provider subsidiary of the IDT Corporation headquartered in Newark, New Jersey USA. It was launched in 2009 by IDT Corporation in the USA and was the most common way to communicate abroad.

In a year Boss Revolution expanded its presence as a Pinless International call service provider. Further to accommodate the booming clientele the Boss Revolution Retail Network was born. The focus of Boss Revolution Retail Network was to establish a sense of direct and speedy contact with the customer. In 2011 further International and Domestic Top Up services were added under the voice services umbrella of Boss Revolution to widen the success horizons and strengthen international as well as domestic customers.

With the surging demand for the services offered Boss Revolution expanded its operations in the national markets and ventured in Spain, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong in 2012. To cater to a tech-savvy approach in 2013 Boss Revolution included Domestic Bill Payment and International Money Transfer, further in the same year launched a Mobile App to equip easy access to all the information to avoid any technical difficulties related to the dialing process and calling rates.

In this review we can understand the two major categories of services Boss Revolution to its customer’s telephony or voice and other services which make communication easy and affordable; Telephony Services: Under this category of services Boss Revolution offers three distinct kinds of services catering to the voice or the telephony segment for its clients.

  • PIN-less Pre-paid International Calling: In order to use this service customers simply create a virtual account with their phone number and make calls. Customers can add money to their account through the Boss Revolution website, Mobile Application which can be downloaded via Google Play, Itunes and App Store or the Boss Revolution retailer network.
  • Call Me: This service offers a call forwarding feature to a local landline number in 23 countries. So when receiving international calls the local phone number redirects the call and customers can receive unlimited international calls to their phone at a flat rate.
  • Unlimited Plan: This services grants customers access to 56 countries worldwide to make unlimited calls for an unlimited duration.

Boss Revolution caters to a variety of other services too which brings the world to the fingertips of their customers;

  • Domestic and International Top Ups: Customers can with ease add funds to a Domestic and International prepaid phone via the website, Mobile App or by visiting a retail store.
  • Bill Payment: This service allows customers to make payments through Boss Revolution Retailer Network for utilities, phone bills, cable bills and credit card.
  • Money Transfer: Sending money to your family, friends is quick, secure and easy with the money transfer service offered by Boss Revolution.
  • E-Gift: Sending gifts virtually is just a click away across the world with this services. Customers choose from the many merchants and brands. Once the choice is made an electronic card is delivered to the recipient with a customized personal message.
  • International E-Gift: Don’t miss any celebration even if you are away from your family and friends. This service helps customers buy gift cards, gifts, care packages from local vendors across the globe.
  • Visa Virtual: This service offers customers the freedom to purchase, make online payments by phone or mail with the exclusive Boss Revolution® Visa® Virtual Account. In order to create a Boss, Revolution® Visa® Virtual Account customers should register and once the registration is confirmed via SMS or email you can use the Boss Revolution® Visa® Virtual Account like a Visa card.

Boss Revolution offers not just telephony services but a wide range of other services that make it an amazing tool to stay connected with your friends and family, exchange money quickly and securely as well as celebrate every occasion together by sending them local gifts.

In comparison to the other long distance call service providers, Boss Revolution offers several benefits that make the brand stand out of the crowd. Firstly is the simple pinless calling service at an affordable price without any monthly or additional fees, delivering seamless communication.

In this Boss Revolution review along with an overview of its services, there is detailed information of the uniqueness the brand preservers under its several services that will help you choose a simple and affordable approach to stay connected with your loved ones abroad. 

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