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City Wide Communications

Availability: NB, PEI, BC, NL
Monthly Price: $24.95 CAD

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City Wide Communications was founded way back in 1997, giving it a very large portfolio of experience in the telecommunications industry. They provide a variety of services ranging from internet, VoIP solutions and long distance plans. However, City Wide Communications states that at the core of their business lays a great commitment to customer service. City Wide Communications is based in Nova Scotia and provides internet and phone solutions across Atlantic Canada.

Their headquarters can be found at 3845 Joseph Howe Dr, Halifax, NS B3L 4H9. Let us now review one of City Wide Communications bread and butter internet plan.

City Wide Communications offers a basic unlimited North America wide residential VoIP plan for the total price of $24.95 per month. However, if bundled with the internet the price of this plan would go down to $14.95 per month. Unlimited calling does not apply to Hawaii, Alaska, Yukon, the North West Territories, or Nunavut, and this is conveniently mentioned in small fine print. It is rather disappointing that City Wide communications are resorting to bundle tactics to attract customers into a cheaper price. The standalone and bundled prices that City Wide communications are implementing, however, are still too high. Phone Power also offers a North America wide plan for the total cost of only $7.40 per month!  The steep difference of $17 is definitely unjustifiable by City Wide communications.

City Wide communications made no attempt to mention the international calling rates that they implement, they did, however, mention that the service available. Furthermore, we found it rather dubious that even though the fair usage policy is mentioned on almost every page of their website, there is no link to such a policy. A very ominous feeling of shadiness arises from these sorts of tactics and leads potential customers to be distrusting of their services.

The amounts of features that come inclusive of this plan seem to be very average. There is no mention of a working fax service, let alone a voicemail to email service. Providers with good reputations usually offer these sorts of features inclusive to the plan, or at the very least offer them as add-ons. Secondly, there was no mention made of a working smartphone app to help accommodate the rise of smartphone technology and abundance.

City Wide communications go wrong on multiple platforms of their service. First and foremost is the fact that their pricing is far too high, and secondly, they resort to bundling prices to attract customers.

The bundling prices would make sense if the price was anywhere near the competition, however it isn’t. City Wide communications would also need to work on their feature list and add more compelling reasons for a potential client to choose them.

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