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Vodalink Telecom
Vodalink Telecom

Vodalink Telecom

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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates
$9.95 Free $45.00
Bring your own Device Optional

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Vodalink Telecom is a name not heard all too often when it comes to VoIP Home Phone services and long distance service. Vodalink Telecom however also offers other services such as web hosting, business VoIP and PBX and internet solutions, residential TV plans and bundled packages to get you the perfect all in one choice you’re looking for. Sadly for Vodalink today’s market isn’t dictated by bundled pricing anymore, the consumer base is looking to find the most economic choices to fulfill their needs.

Let us now review one of Vodalink Telecom’s residential home phone plans to see if they too have adapted to the desires of the ever-changing consumer base.

Vodalink offers a residential home phone plan that offers unlimited incoming calls, unlimited calling in North America, and long distance per minute call. This plan is priced at $14.95 per month before taxes on a 2-year contract, and $9.95 per month when bundled with another package. In contrast to this plan PhonePower also offers an unlimited North America wide plan that comes with an abundance of features for only $5.95 per month. Now we don’t expect every other provider to price their plans as low as PhonePower which is definitely a benchmark provider when it comes to pricing, but coming close to it is a definite necessity. Vodalink Telecom is close to four times the price of the benchmark set by PhonePower and certainly doesn’t meet the needs of today’s consumer base.

Vodalink Telecom mentions that all of their plans fall under the scrutiny of their Fair usage policy, however, the fair usage policy provided by Vodalink Telecom on their website is vague at best and doesn’t set any predefined rules or limitations. All actions taken by Vodalink Telecom are based on their own discretion. The only guideline set is that consumers would be required to pay a higher amount if they exceed the average user that is consistent with residential services. The average number or count, however, is not at all mentioned and consumers are left guessing as to what or what isn’t consistent with normal usage.

Every Vodalink phone package includes a comprehensive list of over 30 features. Among those features, we find the traditional options such as Caller I.D, voicemail, three-way conference calling and we also find interesting perks such as caller I.D customization, 'Do Not Disturb' options and many more controlled by their client portal. Vodalink also features two smartphone apps: "Vpana" and "Ringo Max" currently available to download on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Vodalink Telecom is a company that has been doing business since 2004, they may have some catching up to do in terms of pricing of services offered, but they do seem to provide a high functionality with their phone services.

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March 30, 2017
Submitted by: Serge Rivard (Laval , QU)
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Quand le service est bon il faut le dire

Je dois ecrire un commentaire sur cette compagnie parce que ca fais pres de 4 ans que je suis avec eux, et honnetement je suis satisfait du service.

J'etais un ancien client de Bell qui en a eu plus qu'assez de tout le temps devoir me battre contre eux et leur pratiques d'affaires. Je me suis abonne a Vodalink apres avoir recu une publicite chez moi il y a de ca environ 4 ans.

Le prix n'a jamais augmente, a chaque fois que j'ai des question le service a la cliente est incroyable. Il y a eu un problem avec le modem qu'ils m'ont fourni et ils n'ont pas hesite pour me le faire changer gratuitement pour un modele plus recent.

Desfois c'est un peu difficile de les rejoindre, et j'aimerai que leur heures d'ouvertures soient plus flexibles. Mais sinon autre chose que ca je suis tres content et je les recommande.
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What is wrong with my phone line? I cant make calls

Hi, Phone lines are currently under maintenance. The service should restored later in the evening. Thank you for contacting us.

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