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November 13, 2015
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Submitted by: Call Select User (Toronto , ON)

Fraud, robber, cheater, name it ! ! !

After long wait to get an explanation on charges I had a chance to speak to Cust Rep # 3988 (this is his extension number by the way and not real Custumer Representative Number) named Daniel, who did not answered to any of my questions your question but talked about something he was not asked at all. And then he put me on hold to pull up my invoice for particular month so he can look into the details. That was last time I heard from him as I had to hand up after 11 minutes waiting for him to retrieve my invoice for the last month.
Second call: I spoke to Timothy who gave me his Cust Rep # as his phone ext: 3837. I got the same story about the charges: USD to CND conversion they billing department uses is based on Google report on exchange rate! Not any bank but Google site!!! I asked to talk to the billing department and the answer was “NO!”

October 8, 2015
Review Helpful? 5 Yes No 0
Submitted by: Amir (Ottawa , ON)

Complain to CCTS

For all of you who have Call Select Stolen from, you can put in a formal complaint with TTCS and they will follow up.
I am gathering documents to complete mine.
The link is here
September 18, 2015
Review Helpful? 3 Yes No 0
Submitted by: Marat (London , ON)

I won't use Call Select ever again

Yesterday, Sept 16/15 I was trying to close my acct with them because they keep sending me a bills I have already paid before. They had me to wait for about 15 min and then they told me that they are going to close my acct but they are unable to send me Confirmation # because they don't have access to internet (!!!). LOL. Company don't have internet access however they use one when keep sending me a bills online. I will never ever use this company again.
May 20, 2015
Review Helpful? 4 Yes No 0
Submitted by: Peiman (Vancouver , BR)

Cheating and fraud

I am very disappointed with this company after being with them for many years. I just noticed that the items on my bills do not match the total and added up wrongly. I called the customer service and they say we add up based on USD!!
This is a clear fraud by misrepresenting the rates, fooling and cheating. I will stop using their services and submit this case for a complaint. Does anyone know where to file a complaint ? BBB?

Reply from: NE
June 15, 2015
This company is charging US dollar to user in Canada. After 3 month of getting charged over $100/month I called to CS and they said that Call Select put 30% on Canadian customers to upset the difference on the US dollar exchange. Just because they are being pay in US dollars outside country. I cancelled right away. It seems that is own by a Canadian company. I hope everyone know this twisted fact.
May 11, 2015
Review Helpful? 5 Yes No 0
Submitted by: Mohammad (Winnipeg , MA)

The worst company I have ever seen

The company have been overcharging me for a while. They started charging with US dollar without notifying me. They have also increase the rates and charged me with the maximum rates. The amounts that they charge do not add up to the total amount hat they charge. They charged me with different rates to the same phone number on the same date.

I called the company and went through some of the bills with a representative from the company and they also confirmed that the have been overcharging me. But they could not do anything about it. They said I have to talk to a manager and they will put me through it. I waited about an hour but nothing happened. I have used the system for 4 years. They are terrible. The rating could be -5 if there was a minus in the rating!!!!!!

Terrible! Terrible.
April 29, 2015
Review Helpful? 4 Yes No 0
Submitted by: Cuong (Longueuil , QU)

Call Select is a robber

They are overcharged a 30% on the total call charges since Jan. 2015.
Where can we filing a complaint ?
March 10, 2015
Review Helpful? 3 Yes No 0
Submitted by: violette (Markham , ON)

Devious cheaters

I just found out by chance that US exchange rate has been applied to my call charges since January 2015!! I never got any communications on this, nor it is mentioned on their website. when I called to question the total call charges being much higher than the actual calls they referred me the front of the invoice where in very fine print it states that the call charges include US rate exchange. Apparently our Canadian dollar is too low and they pay for the lines in US and therefore the client has to absorb the US exchange. Fine, I would have accepted that if that was what I signed up for!
They are devious cheaters stealing money from unsuspected customers. I will never deal with them again. Actually I am looking into filing a complaint for cheating and applying charges without prior notification and communication.

Reply from: Sosan
September 22, 2015
Same here. When I called about the same issue, they referred me the front of the invoice. It started from February 2015. When I checked my previous statements, there was nothing about currency exchange. There was a fine print saying: "the call charges include US rate exchange". I have been a customer for a long time. If they want to add any new charges, I believe, I should get an advance notification. I would like to file a complaint. Please let me know, whoI should contact to.

Reply from: Mohammad
May 11, 2015
They have been overcharging me about 25 to 30 percent each bill. I recently noticed it. I called in and went through some of the bills with a customer representative. After he agreed he said that I have to talk to a manager and he was supposed to connect me. But it never happened. What is your advice? Should i pay the bill?

Reply from: Cristina
April 16, 2015
Same here, how do we go about filing a complaint? When Canadian dollar was much stronger then US no rebates where offer..

Reply from: Cristina
April 16, 2015
Same here, how do we go about filing a complaint? When Canadian dollar was much stronger then US no rebates were offered... I was charged 18 extra for a $62 bill what exchange are they applying 1.5? This is ridiculous.. I will cancel as soon as I can get a hold of someone they are apparently upgrading their phone system and cannot answer phone.. Unbelievable.. not sure why I used their "service" for so long
March 3, 2015
Review Helpful? 2 Yes No 0
Submitted by: Dan (Toronto , ON)

Day light robbers!

Not only they do not show the rate/min you are charged but if you signed up a while back the rate is not adjusted to the current one if it goes down. But if the rate is going up they change it right away!?! Smart... I am wondering what CCRT will say about it.
The invoices are overcharged always with few dollars; even considering the US exchange rate the numbers do not add up. Of course, no US exchange rate is stated.
By the way, as Canadian I am expecting to see the Canadian values on my bill not the US one!!
The customer service simply sucks!

In conclusion they are simply ripping off all their customers and I ADVISE YOU TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE ROBBERS!
January 29, 2015
Review Helpful? 5 Yes No 0
Submitted by: Yaroslav (Guelph , ON)

Call Select are cheaters.

Call Select overcharged me for $7.00. Not a big deal - mistakes happen. So I called them and asked politely to fix the problem. They agreed that they overcharged me, but said that they can not change the Invoice because amount is bigger due to low Canadian dollar and they show and count prices in Canadian dollar and later transfer it to US dollar. But on Invoice and on their web-site there is not a word about US dollar: all pricing in Canadian Dollars. Cheaters.
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Monthly Fee Setup Fee Other Fees Long Distance Rates

Canada: $0.025
USA: $0.025
Intl. Minutes:

Call Select is an International Long Distance Call Provider with Head Office in Vancouver, British Columbia. Call Select has a long history, having been established in 1994.

The services Call Select provides are those of the typical Phone Card service, though it does not add all the extra fees a phone card typically does. The user will have to dial one of the several Access Numbers listed and then dial the long distance number. It's a very simple system, currently, there is no app for smartphone nor desktop or web calling and no texting either.

We will now review Call Select International Long Distance Calling Pre-Paid plans, referred as Call Select Direct Dial Service.

  • Plan A
    • Up to 450 Minutes Calling to USA and Canada
    • Monthly at $10
  • Plan B
    • Up to 1500 Minutes Calling to USA and Canada
    • Monthly at $19.95
  • Plan C
    • Up to 3000 Minutes Calling to USA and Canada
    • Monthly at $30
  • Plan D
    • Up to 300 Minutes Calling to USA and Canada
    • Monthly at $5

In terms of the rates, we found the plans to be priced a bit higher than those of our Top Long Distance Providers. For example in the $5 monthly plan, Canada Long Distance is $0.025 whereas elsewhere is either free or included with the Home Phone or is just $0.01. For example, VoIP Much Home Phone includes Long Distance Calling within Canada and International Long Distance Calling to the USA at $9.45 a month - with a calling allowance of 3500 minutes. 

Maple Leaf Features

Smartphone App: Checkmark
Desktop App: Checkmark
BYOD: Checkmark
Area Code Selection: Checkmark
Extra Number: Checkmark
Web Management: Checkmark
Toll Free Numbers: Checkmark
VoiceMail to Email: Checkmark

How the ... , I change the PIN

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Ocupo hablar al servicio al cliente en español. vivo en MOntreal ayuda por favor.

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