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Download: 5 Mbps

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Coextro was founded in 2012 and has been offering fibre internet services ever since then. Coextro offers high-speed internet plans without any usage caps for apartments, condos, and hotels. We find it disappointing that we can’t get Coextro service in homes. Due to its recent conception, Coextro boasts a modest taskforce of 10 employees.

They offer telephone and television services apart from the internet plans and have now gained a rather concrete footing in the world of telecommunications. Let us now review one of Coextro’s prominent residential plans to see how they match up against their contenders. 

Coextro offers a 100 Mbps plan which has download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and uploads speeds of up to 100 Mbps as well. This plan is offered at the rate of $45 per month and comes with an unlimited bandwidth. The latest plan from Coextro is the Fibre 500, boasting a blasting fast 500 Mbps download and 500 Mbps upload at $75 per month, is a question why not everyone is opting for this plan.

The amount of speed being offered and the price point is offered at is very economical, to say the least. Another internet service provider which operates strictly in condos, apartments, and hotels is FibreStream. They offer their 100 Mbps plan which is also unlimited for $50.00 per month. The difference of $5.00 may not seem like much but it can add up in the long run.

Other prominent internet providers like Altima, don’t even come close to the services being offered here. Distributel has a 50 Mbps plan which has upload speeds of 10 Mbps and a cap of 300 GB which they offer at the substantial rate of $55.95 per month. In both cases, Coextro comes out ahead of the competition.

The most current Coextro Cable Internet offer is for $20/month. This promotion gives you a modest 5 Mbps download and a matching upload speed, 5 Mbps with an unlimited usage. May sound too little speed for some, but you better check if this addresses your needs. We write a nice article, A good Internet Speed this can guide you and help determine the best plan.

Coextro also offers free installation, and one thing we always like to hear; no contracts! No contracts mean no hassle, and when customers don’t feel like they will be bound, they are more susceptive to buy.

The only disappointing thing about any service that offers internet access to condos and apartments is that if someone already hasn’t ordered it, you’re building does not apply to the service. Until a fair amount of people from your building aren’t ready to opt into the same service, the service won’t be coming to your building anytime soon either.

In all honesty, Coextro beats the competition in both pricing and quality. We are just disheartened that speeds and prices like these can’t be provided in homes! Coextro is a prime example of an internet service provider offering reasonable pricing for above average service to win the hearts of their customers.

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June 10, 2016
Submitted by: Jassem Ghadban (Mississauga , ON)
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Best ISP in GTA!!

If you happened to be one of the lucky people, living in one of the Condo building Coextro provides to, then you are a truly lucky being, Coextro offers Fiber Optic internet at the most affordable rate you will ever see, with no contracts, no installation Fees, and great customer service. so by all means, if you are lucky enough to be in one of the areas they support, then cancel your current ISP right away and go with Coextro, they are simply the best in GTA.
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